10 Bizarre Places People Normally Grow Body Hair


Hair grows in a certain area of the body for a reason. Eyelashes and brows protect the eyes. The hair on your head makes you look great and protects your scalp. The hair on your arms and legs protects your skin from dust and other foreign particles.

Not only that. Hair growth also distinguishes a man from a woman physically. Men normally have thicker hair covering wide areas of the body than women. The more hair men have, the more masculine they look. The fewer hair women have, the more feminine they look.

Hair can grow anywhere in the body except for the lips, palms and soles due to the absence of hair follicles. However, there are just places in the body that seems too odd and embarrassing to grow hair.

1. The Face

faceHave you ever experienced seeing tiny strands of hair near your hairline or anywhere on the face after applying makeup?
This is what you call the peach fuzz, a cute name for the super annoying light strands of hair.Declining estrogen levels due to aging can also peach fuzz visibility.

Shaving is definitely not an option. The laser is not an option either, since it is more efficient in removing thick strands. Try electrolysis, another high-tech procedure that involves inserting a tiny probe into the hair follicles.

The probe emits wave to kill the hair’s growth center. Once destroyed, the hair will be individually removed with tweezers. Expect the procedure to be a bit longer and costly, but it comes with permanent results.

2. Your Ears

You might have not seen anyone with ear hair yet, but it’s true that hair can grow not just on the outer rim of the ear. Hair can grow into the ear canal and just like any normal hair in your body, ear hair grows and will extend outwards making you look like a dog with a desperate need for grooming.

If ever ear hair appears, regardless of how many, head to a local drugstore and buy an ear hair trimmer.

3. Up The Nose

Nostril hair, though not bizarre, is probably the most embarrassing hair problem. People would rather focus on your nose than on what you are saying.

The good news is; you can get rid of them easily and quickly with a nose hair trimmer. Be careful not to cut it too short though because your nose hair acts as a filter for dirt, pollen and other particles.

4. Your Chinny-Chin-Chin

Don’t panic when you see a couple of thick strands under your chin. You’re not growing a beard. This normally occurs due to hormonal changes as you age.

Never reach out for a shaver. Do not wax or use depilatories to avoid irritation and redness. The skin on the face is extra sensitive. Instead, use tweezers to pull the odd hair out. If the hair growth in the area is a bit dense, threading by a professional is your best option to make sure each strand is removed.

5. The Nipple Area

tweezersSadly this is one of the embarrassing areas where women can grow hair. Nipple hair appears due to fluctuating hormones; therefore, it is more common in adult females.

If it is just a couple of thick strands, you can safely pluck it with tweezers. But, if they are constantly reappearing, your next best option would be laser hair removal.

The procedure is proven to be harmless and effective in removing hair on the areola. You’ll need at least four treatments for optimum results.One important thing to remember about nipple hair, plucking them as much as two weeks before a mammogram can interfere with the results.

6. Your Torso

The hair on the chest and abdomen is a common male characteristic due to testosterone. Women have testosterone, as well but in a lower amount. If a woman’s testosterone is too high, it can cause hair growth on the said area. If it’s a lot of hair on a large area, you’ll need a more efficient method than plucking. Shaving is an affordable option, but it can cause thicker regrowth and stubble. Waxing is a better option, but you’ll have to be careful not to burn your skin.

7. Around The Navel Area

Navel AreaNavel hair looks sexy on men, but it is a big no-no for women. Don’t let it keep you from wearing a bikini. Since navel hair is usually thick and appears in a cluster, you need more than just plucking.

Waxing is an option, but laser hair removal is a better alternative if you want long-lasting results. The number of laser treatments varies from person to person, and the hair may grow back, but it won’t be as thick and black as it used to be.

8. The Bikini Area

Skin, check – flat tummy, check – you’re almost ready to wear a bikini at the beach. There’s one more important thing you have to do. Remove those peeking thick and black stray hair strands down there.

While some are lucky to grow just a patch on the genital area, some women grow pubic hair that extends to the inner thighs and hip bones. If you have them now, your mom probably had them too because of genes.

Sadly, nothing can keep them from growing, so you can only get rid of them. Waxing is a good option. It can weaken hair follicles making hair growth thinner, lighter and scarce. If waxing causes ingrown hair, a more permanent option would be laser hair removal.

9. Yes, Your Buttocks

ButtocksHave you ever experienced reaching down to your butt to scratch it or for other some reason and were shocked to find you grew hair in that area? Surprise, surprise – your genital hair can spread way around to your backside, too.

Yes, it’s bothersome and somewhat itchy, too, but it’s there and now you have to deal with it. It’s a good thing there are a lot of hair removal methods you can choose from nowadays. Laser hair removal is your best bet for this sensitive spot.

10. On Your Feet

FeetHair on the toes? This is not just a man’s problem. In fact, a hairless man’s toes may make the feet look a bit feminine. But, if thick dark strands grow on a lady’s toes, they make the feet look hideously masculine.

Do not let toe hair keep you from confidently wearing those sandals, flip-flops and open-toe shoes. Zap them in seconds with a shave after a shower or bath. You can also use depilatory creams because shaving can thicken the hair once they grow back.

Hair follicles cover almost your entire body except for the lips, palms, and soles. For this reason, you can normally grow hair in a variety of bizarre areas of your body. Thankfully, there are many ways to remove hair safely and effectively today. If you are not sure which one to choose, ask your doctor or dermatologist for advice.

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