10 Wonderful Ways to Use Yogurt in Your Beauty Routine   


We all are in a constant search for the most effective beauty regimens. Ideally, we should all have naturally flawless skin, but unfortunately not all of us are graced with beautiful skin. The next best thing would be to find cheap, effective ways to keep our skin looking impeccable without much effort.

beautyMinimally invasive and holistic options are favorable when looking for new beauty routines; however, some are simply too outlandish to even attempt. Often times, the ingredients are far too obscure to find easily. Oftentimes, we end up spending much more than we intended.

What if someone told you that there is one primary ingredient that should belong in your beauty routine – and it is sitting in your refrigerator right now? Would you believe it? Well, you should. It’s time to learn about the beautifying effects of yogurt.

Why You Should Add Yogurt to Your Beauty Routine

YogurtSince yogurt is a super food, it naturally contains a variety of important nutrients. Specifically, many of these nutrients help to make your skin beautiful. To understand the power of yogurt even more, you should learn more about the nutrients in it, and how they work to help your skin’s appearance.

  • Zinc: Known as a natural anti-inflammatory, zinc helps reduce redness and swelling. Zinc also has mild anti-astringent properties that help tighten skin tissue. It also has certain properties that help to diminish the size of acne and pimples.

As if this were not enough, zinc also helps to keep oil levels properly balanced within the sebaceous glands, therefore it helps keep skin from becoming too oily, a common skin problem that often leads to breakouts.

  • Lactic Acid: While it might not sound like it would help soothe skin, lactic acid actually helps to smooth, exfoliate and moisturize dry skin.
    Lactic acid also helps to prevent wrinkles and it even works to reduce the appearance of already existing wrinkles.
  • Calcium: We know the many health benefits of calcium, such as bone and teeth health; however,
    calcium also has many properties that help it become great for promoting skin health. Calcium works to act as a powerful antioxidant.
    Antioxidants help calcium fight against and heal dry, flaky skin. Since calcium helps promote skin rejuvenation, calcium will help leave your skin smooth and glowing.
  • B-vitamins: Yogurt includes vitamins B2, B12 and B5. These various vitamins help yogurt to help skin hydrate and have a glowing appearance. Because of the presence of riboflavin and the other B vitamins, cell growth and the skin cells are protected from free radicals.

How to Use Yogurt in Your Beauty Routine

Now that we know why yogurt acts as a great skincare ingredient, let’s discuss different ways to include yogurt into your beauty routine. From eating yogurt to splashing some directly onto your face, there are quite a few different ways to go about adding yogurt into your beauty routine:

  1. Just Eat It

Consuming yogurt appears to be the most natural of all the options. Since this is probably something you already do on a regular basis, perhaps eating even more yogurt could be an easy beauty routine for you.

If you find that you cannot stand eating yogurt, then there are a few other options for you.

Perhaps you could find some other ingredients to sprinkle into the yogurt to take away from the texture or taste: fruit, granola, crushed cookies and candies like chocolate chips, all work well in yogurt.

In addition to adding other ingredients, you could also try making a smoothie as opposed to eating the yogurt by itself. Green smoothies are all the rage right now, so throw in some vegetables and have yourself a beautifying smoothie. Here is one recipe we recommend:

  • Between one to two tablespoons of organic green tea powder.
  • One teaspoon organic peeled and diced ginger.
  • A half cup of fresh, organic orange juice.
  • A half cup of frozen pineapple.
  • One cup of plain Greek yogurt.
  • A half of an organic frozen banana.
  • One small handful of washed spinach.

Face Mask to Lighten Your Skin

Face MaskIf eating the yogurt just simply is not your thing, or if you are looking for a particular way to lighten your skin, then here is an option for a facemask that uses yogurt as the primary ingredient.

This particular skin lightening facemask can help lighten moles, pimples, blemishes and even freckles.

To make it, all you need to do is mix one or two teaspoons of yogurt with a drop of lemon or orange juice. The citrus juices work to help lighten the skin, while the yogurt smoothens and exfoliates the skin.

Be sure not to include too much citrus juice. You may end up burning your skin if you place too many drops of orange or lemon juice into the mask. If this mask isn’t accomplishing all you are wishing for in a face mask, then read on to learn about some other options.

Face Mask to Tighten Your Pores

PoresLooking to tighten the pores on your face? Large pores allow for acne and pimples to flourish, and not to mention they are quite unsightly.

Many of us are in search of different ways to tighten our pores, and here is a yogurt facial mask to do just the trick.

  1. Simply spread a teaspoon of plain yogurt, any brand, onto your face.
  2. After approximately 10 to 15 minutes, rinse your face off with cool water.
  3. It is highly advised that you moisturize immediately after drying your face upon removing the mask.

If you are looking for a natural way to moisturize, olive oil is a great resource. If not, then any moisturizer will do. We recommend this because a yogurt mask may leave your face feeling a little stiff and tight.

Facial Mask to Clear Your Acne

Many of us are looking to clear our faces of acne, pimples and blemishes, so rest assured there is a yogurt facemask to solve this issue, too.

Strawberries naturally include salicylic acid, an ingredient found in many acne cleanses. By adding strawberries to your yogurt mask, your blemishes will undoubtedly be gone.

Simply mash up a quarter cup of strawberries to one full portion of plain yogurt.

If strawberries simply are not an option, then carrots can work, as well. While they are not a natural salicylic acid, carrots do boast natural antiseptic properties. Steaming carrots and adding them to your yogurt facial mask can help prevent breakouts.

A Mask for Other Body Parts

We have discussed facial masks and cleanses using yogurt, but what about the rest of your body? There are many other body parts that you need to moisturize and exfoliate.

Yogurt make the ideal foot scrub. It’s true. Follow these steps:

  • Add one half of a cup of ground walnuts to one cup of plain yogurt.
  • Rub gently into your skin and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Rinse and dry thoroughly.

This simply mixture can alleviate your feet from calluses and dry patches. It can also help even out the texture of your feet. Since yogurt acts as a natural moisturizer, the ground walnuts soothe your skin.

More Yogurt Facials to Try

For those of you looking for more yogurt facial recipes, we have yet another. Anyone interested in having an iridescent glow to their face can reap the benefits of this facial mask.

Simply mix four tablespoons of yogurt with one tablespoon of cocoa powder and one tablespoon of honey. The yogurt and honey act as natural moisturizers while the cocoa boasts antioxidant properties.

Therefore, the cocoa will help even out and brighten the skin’s complexion, and the honey will help protect the skin against wrinkles, blemishes, and pimples.

All you need to do is mix this recipe up, add the mixture to your face for twenty minutes, and wash away the mask with cold water. We guarantee your skin will appear as if it is glowing.

Yogurt Is the New Shampoo

As if you did not see this coming, yogurt can also help improve your hair growth and function, as well. Since the skin and hair are both closely related, all of the wonderful benefits that yogurt has for skin apply to the scalp, as well. Yogurt has the ability to help the scalp moisturize and rid you of any itching or irritation.

  • wrap your hairWet your hair thoroughly.
  • Massage unsweetened plain yogurt into your hair thoroughly.
  • Allow the mixture to stay in your hair for about ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Rinse it out.
  • If you wet your hair in the shower, get out of the shower while the mixture sets.
  • You don’t want the water to run all that time, so wrap your hair in a towel until it’s time to go back into the shower to rinse off.

Your hair is sure to love this yogurt trick. Keep reading to learn about one more way to add yogurt into your beauty routine.

Natural Highlights

Anyone looking to lighten their hair knows the pains of paying a salon hundreds of dollars for highlights. Well, one more beauty trick involving yogurt could save you money the next time you are looking to highlight your hair.

highlight your hairThis little trick will only work to enhance your already light tones, so anyone with dark hair may not see results from this beauty trick. However, it cannot hurt your hair to try, so it is worth testing it out.

All you need to do is mix two tablespoons of lemon juice with one cup of plain yogurt. Work this mixture into your hair and allow it to sit for thirty minutes.

After the thirty minutes have expired, rinse out the formula as you normally wash your hair. You will find that the mixture has enhanced your already lighter hairs without paying the price of expensive highlights.

Truly, yogurt boasts many super food properties. Not only does yogurt have many health benefits, but it can also work wonders for your skin.

So, the next time you are in the grocery store, grab a few containers of plain yogurt to add them to your regular beauty routine. You are sure to love the results.

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