13 Red Flags That Signal Low Testosterone in Men


Testosterone is a male hormone that is more commonly known as the sex hormone. Yes, it’s responsible for the sex drive that you have – apart from your partner and the idea of love-making, of course. Think of it as a fuel that keeps your appetite for sex at a healthy level. For a guy, it’s just as important as the water supply that you need in your body.

testosteroneSo, if your testosterone levels are starting to wind down, alarm bells will start ringing. If not physically, then it will start affecting how you think until you get to the point when you know you’re just not the sex god that you used to be. Don’t let that happen.

Thankfully, there are red flags that you can look out for to see if you are running low on fuel. Your body is like a fuel gauge and a low level of testosterone will reflect on your performance. That is what you need to check. Like your car, once in a while, you should do an overall check if the gears are still lubricated well and all the parts are still functioning properly. To help you determine if low T is the problem, here are 13 red flags that signal low testosterone levels in men.

Low Sex Drive1. Low Sex Drive

Testosterone is the main driver for sexual desire in men. It’s the sex hormone after all. If you have low testosterone, you will most likely have a low sex drive and you will lack an interest for love making.

You will also lose the sexual thoughts that trigger an erection. Basically, if you have low testosterone, you also lose your cravings for sex.

2. Low Fluid Ejaculation

You may notice when the fluid that you ejaculate is less than what you normally have. If you have low testosterone, one symptom that would show is that you will have low fluid ejaculation. There are three parts of the male body that work together and make you ejaculate – the testicles, seminal vesicles and the prostate. These three parts are pumped with testosterone. Once the testosterone count becomes low, it would result to a low fluid ejaculation, as well.

3. Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by many things. It could be due to an illness like diabetes, lifestyle-induced diseases or a low testosterone count.

Since a low testosterone count cannot exactly be detected unless you show symptoms or have yourself examined, erectile problems can be a red flag in determining if you may have low testosterone.

If you think that you are just stressed or tired, which is why you are having a hard time getting an erection, you might want to get your testosterone count checked, just to be sure.


4. Orgasm Problems

Low testosterone levels can cause various minor to major medical and personal life problems. One of the major problems that you could encounter is having problems with orgasm. It’s considered a major predicament because, orgasms are important for better physical and emotional health.

Since testosterone is the sex hormone and is responsible for triggering pleasure and sexual desire in a male, a deficiency of it will also cause problems in the orgasm department. So, if you have noticed you have a hard time getting to orgasm, have your T levels checked.

Testicles5. Shrinking Of The Testicles

One symptom of low testosterone count is the shrinking of the testicles. The normal size of a testicle may vary in every male. Your testicle size is the size that you have had ever since you developed from puberty.

If you checked your testicles lately and they seem a little smaller than they usually were, you will need to get your T levels checked, as it may mean that you have a low testosterone count.

6. Numbness Of The Genitals

Men who have low testosterone count may complain about a feeling of numbness in the genital area or the scrotum. It may not exactly be numbness, but you could also feel nothing at all. When you or your partner starts touching you down there and you don’t feel any spark or any stir of pleasure for an erection, then it may signal a low testosterone count.

Another symptom is when you do not feel any pleasure at all during sex. You might get an erection, but you find it hard to feel any pleasure during the action.

7. Lack Of Energy

Lack Of EnergyTestosterone – apart from being a sex hormone that fuels your appetite for sex – can also affect your energy levels. If you notice that you lack the energy to do the normal activities that you used to do on a daily basis, it can be a signal of a low testosterone count.

What happens is that you do not feel the enthusiasm that you normally felt during some of your daily activities. You will also lack the energy to deliver the tasks that you have at work, and you may even feel like you’re dragging yourself just to finish your tasks.

8. Lack Of Appetite

Apparently, testosterone deficiency does not only decrease your appetite for sex. It will also decrease your appetite for food. The hormone that affects your sex drive will also affect your enthusiasm towards other things, like eating and other activities you used to enjoy. A man who has low testosterone levels also has a lack of cravings to eat.

This is actually a hazardous case. If you lack an appetite, chances are you will not eat much or not eat at all, which could lead to illnesses and other medical conditions.

9. Getting Tired Easily

feel tiredWhile it’s normal to feel tired after a long and busy day, it is not normal if it happens on a regular basis.

It is also an alarming case if you always feel drained, especially if you have not really gone through any extreme activities for the day. This may signal a low testosterone count.

The sex hormone also functions as a booster for your energy, although it plays a small part. However, testosterone deficiency can still affect your energy and will result in you getting tired easily.

10. Mood Swings

Testosterone affects the mental condition of the brain, since it is a hormone that triggers emotions during sex and even when not having sex. Low testosterone could affect your moods for several reasons: the lack of sex hormone in the brain, the numbness of the genital area and the knowledge that you now lack the drive to have sex, which can definitely sour your mood or your overall personality.

If you feel like your mood switches fast and you don’t feel like yourself any longer, it may be a sign of low testosterone. It would be best to have your testosterone count checked, so it can be addressed. This could prevent you from having personal issues with other people in your life because of your mood swings.

11. Getting Irritated Easily

Getting Irritated EasilyYour sex hormone combines with the happy hormones in the brain and it gives you the ability to be enthusiastic about sex and feel pleasure.

Take out the testosterone content and it greatly affects your enthusiasm. It even kills it at times. This will lead to irritability, even over the small things.

You also get irritated easily because you don’t get enough sexual action anymore and you lack the drive for it. You may feel like your life is over, or even have feelings of worthlessness as a result. Have your T levels checked and talk to your doctor. There are many ways to address this problem, so you have no need to suffer.

12. Increased Body Fat

Studies show that testosterone deficiency reduces the muscle mass and replaces it with body fat. Low testosterone will decrease the maintenance of the muscles and will hoard the fats that you ingest. This is why men with low testosterone levels add extra weight, even if they maintain their diets. Some men retain the fat in the stomach area, giving them what some people would call a “beer belly” and also man boobs.

While it may affect your overall appearance and make you fatter than you desire, it can also be dangerous for your health. Keeping fat that is more than necessary for your body can lead to a variety of illnesses and health problems.

13. Decrease In Muscle Mass

muscles in their armsAs you increase your body fat, your muscle mass will also gradually decrease, if you have low testosterone.

Studies have shown that men who have low testosterone are much weaker than those with normal levels of the hormone.

Some men also notice that the muscles in their arms, legs and chest will start to shrink. Growing back the muscles will also be a challenge if you have low testosterone.

Low testosterone isn’t just due to aging. Although age could also be a factor, it is not the culprit all the time. It goes back to your lifestyle, your activities, your routines and how you keep yourself healthy.

Lucky for you, a low testosterone problem can definitely be treated through proper medication and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Prevention is always better than a cure. So if you want an active and uninterrupted sex life, make sure you live healthily and be on the lookout for even the smallest signs of low testosterone. It is easy for your doctor to test your levels, and then you can work on a treatment plan to address the issue.

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