17 Wild and Wacky Hair Salon Names That Will Surprise You


With all the hair salons emerging here, there, and everywhere, salon owners have to come up with something interesting in order to attract more customers. The name of their beauty establishment is a great way to catch people’s attention. Salon names should be easy to remember, easy to pronounce and should somehow represent the kind of services they offer.

hair salonWhile most salon owner’s stick to traditional names, many other salon owners take out their creativity and fun side to come up with something unique. In fact, they get so creative, some of these salon owners have come up with weird and funny names for their establishments.

Here are some of the wackiest hair salon names you can find that prove many salon owners have wild minds:

1. Curl Up And Dye

It’s like telling you to curl up and die like a tiny worm sprinkled with salt. Ouch, but seriously, it’s so funny, you won’t even feel threatened by the salon’s name.

The salon has different branches in big cities and yes, a lot of people avail of their services. The customers had haircuts and treatments, and the good news is, no customers or their hair died.

Another salon from a different place has the name, Curl Up and Dry.

2. Sweeney Todd’s Hair Salon

If you saw the movie, Sweeney Todd, this salon name would most certainly give you the creeps. It’s a movie about a mad barber played by Johnny Depp who slits the throat of his unsuspecting customers, and then gets rid of the body through a revolving door that leads to a meat grinder down the basement.

What happens to the human meat? They turn it into yummy meat pies. Thankfully, this modern hair salon does not have revolving doors on the floor, and no shops selling meat pies nearby.

3. Head Hunters Hair Salon And Spa

Let’s just hope the Headless Horseman from Sleepy Hollow is off somewhere else and not in Head Hunters Salon to cut off the customer’s lovely heads. On a serious note, Head Hunters Salon has a great ambiance with welcoming staff. Customers are more than happy with their services.

Salon4. Do Or Dye Hair Salon

 The name is quite funny, but it makes sense, actually. It would be funny to hear someone say “You seriously need to go to Do or Dye, because your hair is in a do or die condition.

” Well, they do offer great hair color, highlights, and haircut services at a reasonable price.

5. Gossip Salon

talking about someone This salon must be a noisy place full of not-so-busy housewives. No, you’re getting the wrong idea. The name, Gossip does not mean talking about someone who is not around.

Rather, Gossip means catching up with friends with a little chitchat, while their staff pampers you with their quality services.

6. Scissorhands

It seems like Johnny Depp’s movies are popular among hair salon owners. No, their staff doesn’t have scissor hands as Edward does, but they can expertly cut your hair like they have scissor hands. They provide excellent hair color services, too.

hair color7. Acapella Salon

The customers will know what to expect from Acapella salon. The staff probably does their styling while singing with no instrumental accompaniments.

Sadly, they don’t. On the other hand, the Acapella Salon is popular for their excellent hair color services.

8. Hairitage

Maybe this hair salon is a family business passed on from generations to generations, so that they had to name it Hairitage. Seriously, though, the salon offers great modern hair services such as Brazilian blowouts, hair color, hair extensions and designer cuts.

9. Ken’s Kuts And Kolors

If there’s a prize for business names with most K’s, the Ken’s Kuts and Kolors would win it. But, at least it’s clear that they do haircuts and hair color.

sledgehammers10. HairSmiths Salon

No, they don’t use fire and sledgehammers to straighten out your hair. This salon is owned by the two talented Smith sisters, and they provide excellent hair services for the whole family.

11. Blood Sweat And Shears

No salon names can get any scarier than this. On the other side, the owner clearly has no intentions of scaring customers away; the name goes to show how dedicated and passionate the owner is about his craft.

12. Cut-The-Crap Salon

At least the message is pretty clear. They will cut the crap out of your ugly hairstyle.

13. You’re Gorgeous, But What’s With The Hair?

GorgeousThis is probably the longest salon name you’ll ever find, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they don’t send the right message across with it. If you ever happen to pass by this salon, it would be impossible not to look in the mirror and see if there is really something wrong with your hair. Oh, wait, they’re only calling out to the gorgeous people. It makes you wonder what their definition of “gorgeous,” really is.

14. Piss Salon

Who would get into a salon with a name like this? With the name, it possible you could get pissed with the hair color result. Surprisingly, customers get in, then come out with a smile on their faces. The stylist did not piss them off, thankfully.

15. The Best Little Hair House

This one doesn’t sound like a salon name. It sounds like a little house made from a lot of hair which is kind of creepy, but in a cool way.

16. Chainsaw Massacre Salon

Get in if you want a haircut from a masked man with a chainsaw – not. It’s funny how anyone could think of naming their salon this name. You would probably wonder what was in the owner’s mind when he came up with this name for his salon business.

17. Rock, Paper, Scissors Salon

highlightsNo need for appointments beforehand. The staff is busy doing rock paper scissors on who is doing the next customer’s hair. Kidding aside, the staff provides excellent hair services, like hair color, highlights and Brazilian blowout.

People remember places according to their names; thus, it is important to come up with striking business names. Although the name may draw customers in – or not – it’s the level of service and the outcome that will make them want to come back, and these hair salons demonstrate that in the great services they provide.


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