3 Reasons Lifting Weights Can Save a Lady’s Sinking Libido


Women, just like men, finally have a pill to help them get through their bedroom problems. Their counterpart of the blue pill will finally hit the market in October 2015, thanks to the FDA approval. But, just like any prescription pill, it comes with some troubling side effects, such as fainting and feeling groggy the next day. In addition, it is only for premenopausal women, and research shows that sexual dysfunction in women commonly hits following the menopausal years.

For the ladies out there who don’t want to risk such side effects or who are past menopause, don’t lose hope. Many experts say there is one way to boost libido without popping a pill. Several studies suggest lifting weights can save your sinking libido for these three main reasons:

1. Lifting Weights Increases Hormone Levels

Lifting WeightsTestosterone is known to play a role in a man’s libido. Women have testosterone in their bodies, too, but in lesser amounts compared to men. And, just like in men, low testosterone can affect a woman’s sex drive.

Testosterone levels can drop for many reasons. The good news is you can increase it in several ways,and one of them is through weight training.

Studies show that men who perform weight training, particularly squats and deadlifts have a sudden boost in their testosterone levels, though it’s not clear how this occurs.

Studies in women relating weight training and increased testosterone, however, is not consistent. Still, the majority of these studies show that weight training can increase testosterone levels.

In one study last 2005; weight training for at least six months will significantly increase a woman’s free testosterone. Therefore, a woman has to weight train for long before it can trigger a hormonal response. According to one fitness author, hitting the weight room regularly will keep testosterone levels high and improve sexual desire.

Staying active through exercise, in general, can improve libido. In a study conducted by researchers from the University of Texas, results showed that women participants who watched a short porn video after cycling for 20 minutes were aroused 169 percent more than when they watched it without cycling earlier.The researchers determined the arousal by attaching a device that keeps track of blood flow to the genital area.

2. Weight Training Reduces the Risk of Heart Attack, Diabetes and Other Illnesses.

high blood pressureWeight training can indirectly affect the libido by preventing or improving various health conditions, such as heart problems, diabetes and high blood pressure, all of which may cause low libido.

Moreover, the oral medications used to treat these health conditions are known to be notorious libido killers.

The American Heart Association says weight training helps keep the heart healthy by increasing good cholesterol levels, while decreasing bad cholesterol levels. It helps maintain normal blood pressure, keeps the blood glucose down to prevent diabetes and it is a good exercise for the lungs for better respiratory health.

3. Weight Lifting a Great Confidence Booster

Weight training can make you more comfortable in bed by boosting your confidence emotionally and physically.

Women who lift weights tend to feel empowered since weight training is often thought to be a man’s thing. It feels great to not be seen as the weaker sex.

Additionally, weight training is an excellent way to burn fat, develop muscles and to keep the body fit and healthy. You’ll feel more confident about being naked in front of your partner when you are proud of your body. A negative body image can seriously affect your performance in bed, but with weight training you’ll get a sexy tight body in no time.

Gain these benefits by lifting weights. It won’t be easy, but it won’t be too difficult for you if you follow these tips:

  1. Know the facts. A lot of women avoid weight lifting because they believe this form of exercise will make them bulky. This is nothing but a huge myth. Given that you follow the correct way of weight lifting according to your goal, it will help you build lean muscles, burn body fat and improve metabolism.
  1. Be realistic. Understand that weight training does is not a magic wand that will give you instant results. Changes won’t take place overnight. You may start noticing them maybe a month after so don’t start then stop. Though some women are lucky to observe changes in just a week. If your aim is to lose 20 pounds and tone your body, be realistic with your time frame expectation.

To avoid being discouraged, divide your goal into smaller ones. For example, during the first month, aim to lose at least two to three pounds. Once you achieve this, you’ll feel motivated to keep working towards your ultimate goal.

  1. Set goals. Another way to ensure you don’t take a halt along the way is to set performance goals instead of focusing on losing weight.
    As a beginner, you’ll have to start at the bottom.
    Take this as a challenge and motivation to push yourself to do better. For example, this week you are able to perform 10 push-ups after the next two weeks aim to do 15 pushups.

Focus on getting stronger and it’ll be easier for you to level up. Facing little challenges makes the routine more fun and exciting. You’ll be surprised to know you need to get new jeans three inches less your previous size.

  1. weight room full of menBe fearless. Another reason women don’t get started with weight training is because they fear to get into the weight room full of men and hate being eyed upon. Muster up the courage to get in the weight room and stop worrying about what other people think. You aren’t there to impress them. You have a goal to accomplish and focus on it. No one is expecting you to do what they can on your first day.

Moreover, take the pressure out and avoid doing technical training just to match up with others. Stick to the basics and master at least six of them. The best weight exercises for beginners are squats, chin-ups, push-ups, inverted rows, overhead presses and dead lifts.

  1. Don’t rush it. A beginner should perform a beginner’s training program. Doing an advanced training may seem like a great idea, but it won’t give you better results. Instead, you are risking yourself of injuries. Hire a weight training coach and don’t just take advice from a friend who just started weight training.

A professional can help you exercise in the proper form and will help you determine the best exercise plan for your goal. He or she can also determine the best alternatives for a certain weight exercise not fit for you.

  1. gymGet started today. These are all important tips on your journey to weight training. But, perhaps the best tip we can give you is just to get into the gym and start today. After all, you won’t need all these pieces of advice if you don’t decide to start now.

If you can’t afford the gym, there are plenty of apps, exercise shows and videos that can help you. Just buy some weights and get started.

Yes, lifting weights is often thought to be a man’s thing but it’s time women make it their thing, too. Start lifting weights today to feel better in bed tonight. Your heart and your health will thank you for it.

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