6 Sexual Secrets People Give Away Without Even Knowing It


Isn’t it amazing how those detective shows and movies can make a conclusion out of something simply by looking at the person? Admit it, Liam Neeson got you amazed with his ability to figure out things and imagine what happened when her daughter was taken. You also wished you had Professor X’s mind-reading ability,so you don’t have to guess what your partner is thinking, or whether or not she is in a bad mood.

Even if you don’t have superpowers, did you know that you have the ability to know private and intimate things about someone simply by looking at them? Fine, it is not 100-percent accurate. In fact, it is not magic and this does not require an IQ of 200. The truth is it is all science.

Get your pen and paper ready, because here are six things you can know by just looking at someone.

1. Women With Wider Hips Are Into One-Night Stands

At least based on statistics they are. Researchers from the University of Leeds in the UK conducted a study about the various aspects of sexual behavior, including the number of men women slept with, and the age they lost their virginity.

Then the researchers measured the participants’ hip-to-waist ratio, hip width and the hotness factor of the booty.

They found out that women with wide hips have more partners in bed and rated highly when asked about one-night stands. On the other hand, women with not-so-wide hips prefer long-term relationships than just hopping from one dude to other.

That’s not all. There are theories that say women with wider hips have no difficulty in getting that big baby out, giving them the green light to go ahead and multiply. Women with narrower hips are more sexually selective, since pregnancy may not come easy for them, at least when it comes to giving birth.

The next time you go out to a bar for drinks, let your eyes wander. There’s this hot chick on the dance floor with wide hips who’s willing to go all the way with you. Plus, she is sexy too, don’t you think? Don’t worry. Science backs up this claim.

2. The Hands And Hair Say A Lot About One’s Sexuality

fingersYou have to love living in today’s world, right? There may still be stereotypes and gender inequalities in certain parts of the globe. Generally, people are more open and willing to fight for their rights, especially those who belong to the third sex.

However, there are still people who consider this as a disease. If you are not sure about the person’s orientation and to avoid awkward moments, look at their hands and hair.

There is a thing called digit ratio theory, which you can use to determine a person’s sexuality. This theory suggests that the proportion of the length of your ring finger to index finger could tell the amount of testosterone hormones you were exposed too while inside your mom’s womb. This explains why most men have longer ring fingers compared to the one used for pointing.

What Does It Have To Do With Sexuality?

HairIf you noticed that the dude’s ring and index fingers have almost the same length, then he might be gay. If a woman’s ring finger is longer than her pointer finger, then that means she is gay, too since there are more testosterone in her body.

Apparently, this could be harder to look at since asking someone to do the talk to hand gesture might be stupid, especially on the first meeting.

What About The Hair?

The hair spirals could tell whether a person is gay or not. Based on a study with 50 gay men, researchers found out that only 23 percent counter clock wise whorl. This shows that clockwise whorl is more common on gay compared to straight dudes. The challenge now is how to check the dude’s whorl without sounding too obvious. Not an easy feat.

3. The Feet Effect

FeetOne of the most challenging things every man has to face is to determine if a girl is interested with you or not. Women have their way of telling and showing things that are different from what they actually feel.

Call them mean but they just don’t want to hurt your feelings – or they could be devious too. At the same time, body language can be difficult to decipher

To save you from misery, check out their feet. People are less conscious on their feet movement compared to other parts of their body. The Psychological Sciences at the University of Manchester conducted a study on feet gestures and its reactions in different social situations.

They found out that women who adopt an open-legged stance indicate that she is attracted to you. However, this does not automatically mean she wants to have sex with you on that same night. If her feet move while she laughs, it is a powerful signal that she likes you. On the other hand, if a woman had her legs or feet crossed or tucked under her body, it only means one thing: she’s not that into you.

Go figure.

4. Rich Ones Are Distracted During Conversations

Admit it. Social media affected you in a major way. In fact, it became a basis for people to tell whether you are rich or not. What if you don’t have time to check out everyone’s Instagram account? Can you tell if a person is rich or not?

The answer is yes. It’s just a matter of striking a conversation.

In 2009, psychologists from the University of California conducted a study on the relationship of nonverbal cues and one’s socioeconomic status.

After videotaping and studying their subjects, they discovered that the richer one showed disengagement behaviors such as doodling, fidgeting or playing with something while someone is talking to them. On the other hand, the not-so-rich one is showing respectful behaviors, such as smiling and listening to the other person.

The theory behind this is that those who belong in the richer scale are less dependent on others, thanks to their education and wealth. Because of this, they are not interested and invested in talking to other people since they don’t need it anyway.

5. Fat Men Last Longer In Bed

Have you seen women in movies that slept with fat dudes? Fine, there are few shows where hot and popular girls sleep with bigger men, but most of the time, the guy with a six-pack abs is one of the main selling points. Further, the idea of an acceptable sex scene involves a guy with toned arms and six-pack abs. Unfortunately, that’s not how reality works.

fatIf you are in the heavier side of the scale, then there is good news for you. According to a study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, Turkish researchers found out men with lots of junk in the trunk lasted longer in bed than slim men who could pass as a titleholder for one-minute man.

The reason behind this remains a mystery, but researchers theorize that fat men have more naturally produced estrogen in the body. Before you scream, “That’s so gay,” estrogen does have an inhibiting effect on the male orgasm, enabling the fat dudes to last a bit longer than men with toned arms.

Does this mean you have to eat like there is no tomorrow? Of course not. Obesity is a serious issue, so take it easy on the double patty burgers and pizza. Ironically, obesity is a sex drive killer and one of the major enemies of your man down there.

6. Eye Color Can Tell You How Much A Person Can Drink

Okay, so this may not be sex-related, but drinking can affect one’s sexual libido, and drinking will always be a part of a man’s life. Whether your 13 or 30 or even 50, it’s hard to say no to alcohol all the time. It may be because of a bet, an initiation rite, proof of kind of drinker you are, or you want to show how manly you are. Whatever the reasons are, alcohol will probably always be a part of your life.

Eye ColorThe truth is, not everyone neither is a heavy drinker,nordo they have a high tolerance for alcohol. Of course, you will never know unless you are actually in a drinking session.

Did you know that one’s eye color could tell if you a bottle of beer are enough to crack them down? Surprisingly, one’s eye color is an excellent indicator to tell how much a person can drink.

Based on studies, men with light eye color such as green, hazel, blue or gray are better in beer drinking sessions than men with dark eyes. This observation holds true for women, too.

The theory suggested that the amount of melanin in the eyes is related to the amount of melanin-insulating neurons. This means the more melanin you have, the quicker the nerve transmission will be, making you more susceptible to the effects of alcohol. People with lighter eyes have less melanin in their bodies.

Before you challenge a blue-eyed dude, which are more likely alcohol abusers, in a drinking contest, think again. You don’t know what you are getting into.

You have to love Science, don’t you think? It has its own way of discovering the meaning behind every pattern, behavior and physiological composition of one person simply by looking at them. Who says you need powers to do that?

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