8 Death Defying Experiences You Won’t Believe People Survived


You only live once, so they say. For those who fear death, YOLO means living life to the fullest. For the daredevils and courageous hearts, this means doing the most outrageous things, so they can cross something off the bucket list. If you are somewhere in between, then congratulations, you’re actually a normal person who doesn’t want to kiss death just yet.

Apparently, there are people in their crazy minds who are trying to challenge death,but failed. No, they don’t have Superman genes or are the brother or sister of Thor. They are simply lucky lunatics who still have a purpose in this world, and that’s why they weren’t taken by the reaper yet. And believe it or not, they managed to survive the most absurd lethal and deadly situations.

1. Ice Woman Cometh

No, she’s not a mutant nor a sister of Ice Man. In fact, Dr. Anna Bagenholm is a radiologist who says skiing is her favorite hobby.

Sometime in 2009, Bagenholm was on a skiing trip with friends when she uncontrollably slid down a hidden ice gully. She only lasted 40 minutes, breathing from a tiny air pocket between the water and ice, but they finally got her out after a full 80 minutes.

In other words, she was already a corpse when she was rescued. But with all the attempts to still try to “save” her, the doctors hooked her in a heart-lung machine until her heart started beating again. Tons of expert opinions emerged about her, like her brain going into hibernation mode, or that it could be evidence that miracles do happen. Whatever it is, Anna Bagenholm seems perfectly fine right up to this day. Way to go, Ice Woman.

2. Drill Master – Not

construction drillConstruction is one of the most dangerous jobs in this planet. To prove that, check out construction worker Ron Hunt. In 2003,
he was working at a spot where he’s required to balance on a ladder while holding a giant construction drill, which is not a safe combination, by the way.

Since balancing while holding a massive drill isn’t exactly a wise idea, Hunt fell face first. His fall was cushioned, but the bad news is that the thing doing the cushioning is actually the giant drill. It entered his eye socket, went through the insides of his head and exited at the back of his skull. And if you’re not grossed out yet, imagine how the doctors wondered on how the hell they were going to extricate this huge drill from the poor man’s skull.

Until they realized that hey, the drill was kind of loose, so they’ll just unscrew the thing, as if Hunt’s head is a block of wood. Thankfully, the drill didn’t go inside his brain, so aside from having one-eyed vision and a giant hole at the back of his cranium that left him a scar, Hunt is perfectly fine.

3. Freaky Near-Miss Motorcycle Decapitation

Motorcycle racing is one of the most popular sports today, if you can even call it a sport.

Aside from its popularity, motorcycle racers are among those people who can be pronounced half-dead as soon as they put their helmets on and start their engines.

Meet Christian Kellner, a motorcycle racer in the 2002 World Supersport Championship. Despite his good looks, Kellner had a lot on his shoulders while spending his day reacting to tons of life and death issues at roughly one-fourth the speed of sound. Until he got himself into an accident that you need a slow-mo feature to decipher what actually went wrong.

Coming from a turn at a ridiculous speed, Kellner’s oil line broke and went directly into his rear tire, sending him straight to the wall. And if that’s not enough, three riders behind Kellner were affected by the oil spill, they were also sent straight to wall and slammed into Kellner’s body.

Good thing everything went so fast, Kellner had no time to process everything that happened in a matter of seconds. He avoided having his head smashed like a pumpkin by a miraculous feat of lucky timing and mere inches

4. Swiss Cheese Man

bulletsIf you can choose your preferred way to die, what would it be? Dying in your sleep? Being run over by a train? What about getting shot? These options will surely pave way to your funeral, but not for Joseph Guzman.

Sometime in 2006, Guzman was out at a bachelor party with some friends when they decided to leave and were on their way to assist the homeless. But for the police, Guzman’s group was shooting flamethrowers toward an orphanage.

Regardless of whose account you want to believe in, the point is the cops started shooting and fifty rounds were unfortunately fired on Joseph, thinking that it’s more than enough to do the job.

When he was rushed in the hospital, the doctors discovered that nineteen bullets went inside his body, planted everywhere – in his legs, chest and abdomen, and even on his cheekbone. Surprisingly, Joseph was perfectly fine and strong enough to survive nineteen shots – with scars to remind him of where he was hit. What can you say swiss cheese?

5. Heavy Metal Man

If you think Joseph Guzman and his nineteen shots is mind-blowing, then try to Google Channing Moss.

No, he didn’t get shot nineteen times by a gun, but by a rocket-propelled grenade – you know, those baseball bat-sized missiles that are designed to take out tanks and other humongous things made of metal.

Apparently, Moss has a body made of metal. As part of the Army, he was tasked to blow up Taliban dudes when his convoy got caught in an ambush. The famous RPGs were among the missiles launched and hit his body like he’s Superman. Or maybe he does have Kryptonite inside him that shocked the doctors and until someone told them to calm down and just do their job of taking out the rocket and saving his life.

Thankfully, he didn’t blow up since the exploding warhead was not part of his body, just the rocket and the detonator. At least luck was still on his side. But can you imagine how the doctor opened” his body just to get rid of the RPG. Trauma was had by all, for sure.

6. She Almost Lost Her Head

car accidentOkay, this one is really freaky. You might think that dislocated heads only happen in the Scary Movie franchise. Apparently, it does happen in real life. Meet Shannon Malloy, a woman with “decapitation” showing up in her medical charts.

Malloy got into a car accident several years ago when the doctors found out that the ligaments and tendons connecting her skull to her spinal cord were torn apart. Thankfully, her skin and muscle tissues were still intact to at least support the head and her spinal cord itself was still in good shape.

At least the doctors tried to get her skull in place, though Shannon herself told the people that she felt her skull slip off about five times during the procedure. Thanks to advancement in technology, doctors were able to screw everything back – tightly.She did suffer from sight and speech impairment, but at least she managed to survive.

Miracle? Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps she’s not meant to die just yet.

7. Guy Gone Nail Crazy

At one point in your life, you will feel like the universe is against you that ending your existence might be the best way to escape this cruel world.

And when it comes to suicide, there are tons of ways to do it, some creative, others insane.

But try shooting yourself with nails – in the head.

In 2006, a guy from Oregon got so depressed that he decided to put an end to his life by shooting himself using a nailgun. Apparently, he was so pissed when he found himself still alive after the first nail was pierced in his head, so he figured that twelve nails must be enough for him to die. Then he rushed himself to the hospital complaining about a headache – talk about being literal.

The doctors must be so thankful to the inventor of the x-ray, because finally, they found that there were 12 nails embedded into both sides of his head, but they were able to remove them. Just imagine how the operating room looked like – sponsored by Home Depot.

8. Half Man With A Phone

When you were younger, you probably were amazed at the magic show where the magician would cut a woman in half, without actually killing her. Now that you’re older, and thanks to countless YouTube videos that “break” the magician’s code, you realize that cutting a person in half is next to impossible.

Until you heard about .

Working on the railroad, Duncan fell off of a moving train and got dragged under the wheels, which eventually cut his body in half from the waist, down.

And yes, he was conscious enough to hear the train cutting his body and even had the courage to pull out his phone – as to how he managed to do this is still a mystery – and dial 911. And since it took 45 minutes for him to get rescued, he managed to call his family, as well.

After twenty-three surgeries in the course of four months, he’s up and about, minus his pelvis, legs and kidney.


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