8 Innocent Fashion Choices That Can Destroy Your Health


Fashion has come a long way since dinosaurs left the Earth. From shoulder pads to skinny jeans, and even the most outrageous accessories, fashion has become a statement for every person to define one’s own style and individuality. Fashion may seem harmless – it’s just clothes and shoes, right? But it’s far more than what you think.

Call them anti-fashion, but those experts who love to alarm us, aka those intelligent people who have nothing to do with their life but research things around the planet, slowly uncovered the dangers behind skinny jeans, handbags and high heels. Are you ready to find out which fashion choices can affect your health in the long run? Be prepared, because most of the things included in the list are inside your closet.

1. Skinny Jeans

Skinny JeansCigarette pipes, stovepipes, pegs, skinny pants – these are only some of the names that refer to skinny jeans.

For the past decade, skinny jeans have come back and became a part of the mainstream fashion scene to basically make you feel that you’re skinny enough to fit in super-tight pants.

Apparently, wearing pants that are too tight can compress your lateral femoral cutaneous nerve that runs down your thigh and responsible for registering certain sensations such as touch or pain.

Hence, squeezing yourself into tight denim jeans can result to a condition called meralgia paraesthetica. No, it’s not a magic spell, but actually a serious neurological disorder that can cause numbness of the legs, stinging pain, oversensitivity to heat and worse, atrophied leg tissue.

And both men and women are affected by this because surprisingly, dangerous blood clots believe in gender equality.

2. Bras

BrasBy now, you should know that wearing a bra while you sleep does not contribute to breast cancer.

But sometime in 1999, Japanese scientists must’ve hated bras so much, they said that wearing a bra to sleep can cause abnormal sleeping patterns and hormonal imbalances.

Nara Women’s University must believe the Japanese researchers, they decided to come up with their own study linking bras to poor sleep.

And lo and behold, their study showed that those who wear bras at night recorded a decrease in melatonin levels, which can affect one’s sleep.

The skin pressure caused by the bra can suppress melatonin production, a component crucial in determining when you will fall asleep and wake up. They also found out that wearing a bra at night interferes with your menstrual periods and immune system, which can make you sick, not to mention that pain when the wire pokes you as you flip over.

3. Facial piercings

So you want your identity to stand out. That’s great. And because you want to complete the punk rocker slash misunderstood look, you decided to get your whole face pierced.

But that’s okay since there are so many of you who think the same way, at least with the facial piercings.

So, you had piercings on your eyebrows, lips, ears, nose, and even your tongue. Unfortunately, scientists found that facial piercings are not in a good relationship with your cerebellum and vestibular nucleus, or that part of your brain responsible for eye alignment and posture.

If you can’t understand the effects of facial piercings, then think about this. Your brain nerves suggest that the floor is slanted at a sixty-degree angle. And because those piercings also affect your eye alignment, your eyes totally confirm the situation, which makes it look like you have balance issues or a major headache that’s been with you since the day you had your face pierced, or maybe, you’re simply drunk.

4. Cheap, Tacky Accessories

You had a busy day in the office and was running late for your daughter’s birthday celebration. On your way home, you forgot to buy her a gift, and you know how much she’ll hate you for the rest of her life.

Thankfully, there are small kiosks in the train station so you decided to get her those cheap toys and necklaces they sell at a dollar per piece. Sure, you’re able to save at this time without even realizing that you could poison your kid, and every other person who gets hold of those toxic, cheap things.

You already know that lead is harmful. Hence, manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to find a cheap replacement and voila, they discovered cadmium, which equally toxic and linked to cancer and even kidney, liver and bone disease. Worse, most children’s toys have cadmium – and you know that their main source of happiness is putting almost everything in their mouth and destroying it.

And if you’re wondering where exactly where they incorporated all that unwanted lead, so at least their investment won’t be wasted, it’s actually in those cheap handbags sold in major retailers, such as Walmart and Target.

The moral lesson of this story? If you can’t afford a toy that isn’t made with cadmium, then don’t buy it. Or else, you’ll may end up killing yourself and your family.

5. Neckties

NecktiesHave you been watching Suits or Mad Men? These dudes in their suits and ties definitely bring a whole new level to men and their sense of fashion. But did you know that wearing neckties can put you at risk for glaucoma?

Oops, you didn’t see this one coming. For starters, glaucoma is a type of eye condition that can lead to permanent blindness. This is due to increased pressure in the eye due to an obstructed blood flow to and from the head.

In 2003, a study was published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology where researchers found that 60 percent of glaucoma sufferers and 70 percent of men with healthy eyes showed increased pressure in the eyes when they wore a necktie to slightly uncomfortable levels for three minutes.

It turns out that wearing a tie, the tight ones at least, can obstruct a guy’s jugular vein, an essential component in bringing back blood from head to heart, and lead to permanent damage of vision.

6. Slimming Underwear

If you recently gave birth or are thinking of ways to hide your bulging tummy, not because you just gave birth, then slimming underwear might be your instant solution. Or if you simply want to smooth lines, so you can fit in that slinky dress, then wearing a girdle can solve the trick. But not for long.

If you went out to a party and suddenly found yourself feeling indigested, it may be because of your slimming underwear, not the food at the restaurant. According to Dr. Richard Gesi, gastroenterologist at Mercy Medical Center, squeezing yourself in a corset-like shaper can contribute to GERD.

Just think about it – any tight-fitting undergarments can increase pressure in your abdomen and stomach. As a result, there is a greater chance of refluxing from the stomach and into your esophagus.

Sure, you may look like you have a fat belly, but are you willing to put your body at risk? No way, so let it all hang out.

7. Lacy Underwear

UnderwearPlanning a sexy night with your guy? Aside from that dress that totally accentuates your curves and the killer shoes that go with it, you have to make sure that your undergarments – yes that includes your bra and underwear – go well with the occasion. In this case, bring out your red lacy underwear to complete the sexy look.

However, gynecologists say that synthetic fabrics and irregular edges on a thong can cause itchiness, burning and irritation down there. And if you decide to use lacy underwear with skinny jeans plus slimming undergarments, then you are seriously in trouble and increases your risk of yeast infection. Yuck.

8. Sky-High Heels

When it comes to evolution, you can’t help but wonder. How in the world did people become white and colored, blue-eyed or brown-eyed, blonde or brunette, and even tall and short?Unfortunately for you, you have been hanging out in the petite department for quite sometime, you can’t help but envy those Victoria’s Secret angels for having that long legs that they can pass for a ladder.

High HeelsThankfully, some person decided to invent high heels to give shorter women an opportunity to feel and look tall once in a while.

But according to a 2012 study published in the Gait Posture, the higher the heel, the greater the risk of stress to your knee.

At the same time, it can cause excess pressure on your front foot, since your weight is shifted from your heel to your toes and balls of your feet.

If you’re still not convinced of the possible risks, crowded toes can lead to the formation of corns and hammertoes, which you can get from wearing four-inch heels. It also shortens your calf muscles, while your Achilles tendon starts to tighten and adapt to that position.

The bottom line is love your height. At least you don’t have to worry when trying to hide from a psycho dude or trying to fit in small, cramped places, like the bus or train, right?


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