9 Beauty Tips History Wants You to Forget


There are thousands of beauty tips out there. With just a few clicks of your keyboard, you can launch several websites to search for a solution to your beauty problems. Some work really great, some work for some people, but not for others, and some tips are based on myths, but there are beauty tips that are just so horrible and crazy, you mayask yourself if is it due to a lack of knowledge or just a pure act of desperation.

Here are nine beauty tips history wants you to forget:

1. The Ancient Crocodile Dung Bath

CrocodileMany modern and luxurious spas offer mud baths because they offer a lot of great benefits. A typical mud bath uses soil rich with minerals and other nutrients.

They mix the soil with hot water and add other beneficial ingredients, such as milk powder. However, the ancient Greeks and Romans went a little too far with their mud baths when they added fresh crocodile dung to them. They even used it in their face masks.

2. The Painful Dimple Machine

Some people go the extra mile in modifying their physical appearance, just to get into the current beauty trends. They try plucking their hairlines to achieve a longer forehead, faking ski goggle tans, implanting jewelry into the eye’s conjunctiva and many, many more bizarre, even dangerous beauty practices.

People from the 1930’s coveted dimpled cheeks, so an inventor named Isabelle Gilbert made a machine to give them their heart’s desire. The contraption fits the face firmly and has two knobs that pierce the area of the cheeks where the dimples should be. Apart from looking like a fool, the wearer experienced great pain and discomfort

3. The Disgusting Tapeworm Pill

TapewormWhat people wouldn’t do for a more slender body? Some people would do just about anything to lose a few pounds and maintain their slim figures.

Slimming pills are nothing unusual. Back during the 1800’s in England, people took a rather disgusting slimming pill with live sterilized tapeworm larvae inside.

The worm would thrive in the stomach, so they believed it will consume the extra calories they ingested. They removed the worm later, once it grew large enough. Tapeworm is not on the list of options today or a lot of people who would purposely feed worms in their tummies.

4. A Savory Wig For Rats

Your hair is your crowning glory. A different style can bring a different aura in you. Ladies from the Middle Ages were aware of this, too. Most of them wanted long, luxurious locks, so they used wigs to fake wonderful tresses. The wigs have wooden frames where they fastened the hair using beef fat and oil. Unsurprisingly, the mixture’s delicious smell attracted rats who fed and nested in them during idle times. Gross. Good thing they quickly came up with a solution to the unsanitary problem. To keep the wigs safe and clean, they invented wig cages.

Thanks to hair extensions and modern hair growing treatments, you don’t have to resort to this ghastly method.

5. Chew Charcoal For Fresh Breath

CharcoalBad breath can mess up your social life. It’s embarrassing, and people will avoid you. Thanks to the modern oral hygiene products, you can get rid of the smell quickly and easily unless an illness is the cause.

But, back to the ancient times when these products weren’t available, people had to be a little more resourceful to get afresh breath.

Chewing minty leaves might be the best possible alternative, but instead they used charcoal. They were smart enough to know that charcoal really does absorb bad odors. However, you could just imagine how they looked when they let out a smile.

6. Toxic Skin Bleaching

Skin BleachingThere were days when at an wasn’t sexy. In fact, people who were tan were thought to belong to the lower class.

The whiter, the better and of course, not all people back then were white, so they had to get rid of their dark complexions with the help of science, just as fair-skinned people excitedly jump into tanning beds.

Back in the days when people weren’t addicted to tanning beds, bleaching products were a hit containing two common ingredients: mercury and arsenic. We can only guess they weren’t aware these two poisonous substances can seriously harm them. Maybe they were too obsessed with being white and so they didn’t care, just like the people of today who seem to be mindless of the harmful effects of tanning beds.

Another horrible way of achieving fair skin was the use of blood-sucking leeches that the women of medieval times practiced.

7. Never Redden Your Lips With Bromine

Ladies with red-painted lipsWho does not want red, luscious lips? Ladies with red-painted lips are most likely to turn heads and get free drinks in a bar. For these reasons, lipsticks come in different shades of red and other colors, too, for variation.

Lipsticks were obviously not available during the ancient times. That is why the Egyptians came up with a rather fashionable way of achieving red lips.

They made a red dye,which was a mixture of an extract from red algae, a bit of iodine and some bromine.Bromine typically turns into a red liquid when at room temperature giving the Egyptians their desired color. However, bromine is highly toxic, so they stopped using the dye after they observed the onset of serious illness.

8. Lead Breast Enhancement

Breast EnhancementBreast implants seem to be an in thing nowadays. Some are lucky to have natural looking implanted boobs, while others have those scary near-to-exploding boobies.

But, did you know that long before there were implants, people from the past also came up with ways to enhance the women’s front assets? This may seem surprising, but the women from yesterday also desired better breasts.

A Byzantine obstetrician used to recommend an intoxicating mix of red wine and white lead. Who would want to risk one’s health from lead poisoning for a pair of firmer and bigger boobs?

9. Scar Removal

Before there were laser scar removal and scar lightening creams, your ancestors had unbelievably odd ways of removing blemishes and the ugly marks on their skin.

The ancient Egyptians used sand paper on their skin, just like they were smoothing off a wooden surface.

scar lightening creamJumping to the early 1900’s, a German dermatologist came up with another painful way of removing scars. After hardening the area of your skin with strong chemicals, he would blast off the scar layer with spinning blades. Although this sadistic procedure would remove your scar,you had the risk of developing another one.

Similar to the people of today, some ancient people would do anything for the sake of beauty. Back to the days when technology was far from advanced, people came up with beauty regimens that were more harmful than beneficial.


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