9 Bizarre Signs of Old Age No One Knows About


Aging is a natural body process everyone will go through, unless they happen to discover the lost fountain of youth. As people age, several changes in the body will take place. Wrinkled skin, gray hair, and decreasing strength are nothing new. But, there are many other signs of old age that are too embarrassing for old people to talk about.

1. You Experience Hair Problems

Hair lossOne common problem menopausal women have is that they grow hair in the most embarrassing places, while they lose hair where they need it.

Hair loss is one of the symptoms of the age-related hormonal decline called menopause. If you have noticed your hairline getting thinner, while a few thick strands start to grow on your chin, nipple areas, and toes, then these might be a sign you are not getting any younger.

You can’t hide your receding hairline, but you can keep the unwanted hair out of sight. Depending on the number of hairs and where they grow, you can get rid of them by plucking, threading or using depilatory creams.

2. You Take On A Whole New And Different Hobby

flower gardenBefore, whenever you saw an elderly neighbor tending to her flower garden, the first thing that may spring to mind is, “When I get old I won’t be doing that boring stuff,” but, guess what? You’ll probably be doing that same thing many years from now.

Right now, shopping for clothes, bags and shoes with your girlfriends most likely brings you so much joy.

If, suddenly, you’d rather go to Home Depot and find plants that will look amazing in your garden with flower beds ready,then most probably age is the reason. When we get older, it’s harder to move and gardening is a great activity for many people.

It’s no surprise since most people start to mellow as they age. It’s nothing embarrassing, and in fact, growing things is healthy for people of all ages. So, grab your garden gloves and some seeds and get growing.

3. You Perspire Less

As you age you sweat less, and it’s not because you’ll become less active and energetic as you used to be. Older people really do sweat less because their sweat glands become less sensitive to stimuli, thus making them less responsive. According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, women in their early 50’s to 60’s sweat less compared to women in their 20’s to 30’s.

This only means you won’t have to worry about spending money on those sticky antiperspirant roll-ons.

4. Your Teeth Become Less Sensitive

TeethSensitive teeth can keep you from enjoying your coffee or ice cream, but when you get old, they won’t bother you anymore.

As you age, the dentin or the inner tissue between your tooth’s enamel and nerves grows thicker. The dentin acts as insulation to prevent hot or cold foods from reaching your nerves, which cause the painful reaction.

Say goodbye to sensitive teeth, but say hello to fine lines and wrinkles. So, which is better?

5. You’ll Catch Fewer

Can you still remember how many times you got colds when you were a kid? Too many that you can’t even count with your fingers and toes. But, did you know you’ll get fewer colds as you get old? That is because you have been exposed to many cold viruses when you were growing up. Thus, you became immune to the virus you caught in the past.

According to the American Lung Association, the average adult is likely to catch two to four colds in a year while kids get them six to eight times a year. If you are having less and less colds, it may be a sign that you’ve built up immunities to some cold germs.

6. Your Migraine Attacks Disappear

Abnormal hormone levels are one common cause of migraines in women, which is why they often go away after menopause sets in.

During this time, your hormone levels don’t fluctuate anymore, since they are constantly low.  Migraine Action, a British organization, stated that 67percent of female migraine sufferers stopped suffering from them after menopause.


7. You Loathe Texting

You would rather leave a voicemail than text or message someone on Facebook. Most probably because you hate and do not have the patience to go through each letter on the keyboard anymore. It’s either because your vision has degenerated, or perhaps you can’t find your eyeglasses, or your fingers are stiff due to arthritis.

Whatever works, as long as you get your message across, right? Most phones have a voice input method for texting now, too.

8. You Have A Change Of Taste In Music

Change Of Taste In MusicHaving more time to listen to music means you are now retired or semi-retired senior citizen.

Not only is it about having more time at hand, but most times you find the current songs annoyingly stupid. No way are they nearly as good as the music you used to listen to when you were in high school or college.

There is no question about the difference in music from 30 years ago. For you, it goes well beyond from the music of today. For old people, it’s either you loathe the modern sounds, or you learn to go with the flow.

Remember how you hated it when grandma or grandpa kept airing songs from a hundred years ago? Now you know why they acted that way. Your grandson is highly likely feeling what you were feeling long ago. Though for some grannies keeping up with today’s music is more fun than recalling what has been during her days.

9. You Stomach Bloats After Eating Carbs

popcornIt’s a fact that your metabolism slows down as you age. But, you would never want to confess you leave the button of your jeans open after binging on fries or popcorn.

It’s okay to give in to your cravings and desires sometimes. However, older people should watch what they eat since they are more at risk for digestion problems than just bloating.

Moreover, your needed carbohydrate intake depends on your daily activities and your age. Do not eat more than you need. Aging brings many changes in one’s life.

Some changes are pretty normal and fairly acceptable, but there are changes people would rather keep mum about. Either way, getting older and wiser has never been better.

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