9 Useless Products Taking Up Space in Your Bathroom


Why do you keep so many bottles of different creams and liquids in your bathroom? With all the fancy cosmetic ads telling you to use different creams for your different body parts, it’s hard to resist the temptation, especially if it claims to make you look better. Or, maybe it’s too difficult for you not to be attracted the beautiful cosmetics display at the store, and once you get to take a look, it’s even more difficult for you not to buy.

BathroomWhether it’s the influence of the ads, or the colorful displays of bottles and tubes, don’t waste your hard-earned money buying similar cosmetic products under different names, products that do not work, or even products that may harm you.

Here are nine products you should avoid next time, so you can save your money, your bathroom space and yourself from unpleasant side effects:

1. Beware Of Bleaching Products

There is nothing wrong with wanting to have fair skin. However, you should be careful with the whitening products you use. Most skin bleach products contain hydroquinone, a common bleaching chemical known to have harmful effects.

Hydroquinone is a strong exfoliant that can effectively whiten your skin in a short time. However, it induces the type of peeling that causes redness, burning and itchy sensations, dryness, and later on, dark pigmentations when you overly expose yourself to sunlight.

2. Pass On The Mouthwash

What’s so bad about mouthwash? For one, mouthwash contains alcohol, which makes the mouth dry, and without saliva your mouth is defenseless against bacteria that causes bad breath. Second, alcohol in your mouthwash does not work the same as does with wounds, as a disinfectant.

Manufacturers add alcohol only because it can keep other ingredients stable. Instead of gargling with mouthwash, follow your dentist’s advice. Brush your teeth, floss and rehydrate with water.

3. Forget The Firming Lotions

Who would not want cellulite-free skin before going on a vacation that requires showing off a little more skin? Everyone does, and this is why firming products sell like pancakes.

This is good news for the manufacturers, and bad news for the buyers, because these products are a rip-off. Firming products simply can’t get rid of cellulite and will not make any parts of the skin firmer. Only regular workouts and a well-balanced diet can give you firmer skin and a taut body.

4. Toss The Toners

What are toners really for? In the past, beauty bars and soaps contain chemicals that increase the skin’s pH levels. When pH levels are above the normal level, it makes the skin prone to irritation and dryness. To neutralize pH levels, you need to apply a toner. However, according to some dermatologists, today’s beauty soaps are milder, gentler and have less effect on the skin’s pH levels. Thus, there is no need for toners unless you have extremely oily skin and enlarged pores.

5. Avoid Anti-Dandruff Hair Products

Shampoos and conditionersShampoos and conditioners can get rid of your flaky problem. If you got tons of half-used different anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner bottles in your bathroom,
but just can’t find the perfect one that works just how it is supposed to work,which is to get rid of dandruff, then this solution does not work for you. Most over-the-counter hair products can actually cause dryness, which can make dandruff worse.

How do you get rid of this embarrassing problem? By simply brushing your hair with an ordinary hairbrush, you can say goodbye to your flaky problem forever. Your scalp just like the other areas of your skin, which releases oil and sheds dead skin cells. By brushing, the oils get evenly distributed, and the dead skin cells removed, thus preventing buildup that leads to dandruff. A brush costs much less and will not harm your skin.

Foot Cream6. Forego The Foot Cream

Keeping the skin moisturized is almost everyone’s obsession, and this is why almost everyone keeps redundant moisturizing items in their bathrooms. If you already have hand creams, no need to buy another for your feet, because most probably, what works on your hands will also work on your feet.

Better yet, you can apply petroleum jelly, and then put socks on to keep the moisture locked in place. Petroleum jelly is a great moisturizer and has lots of other uses, such as removing makeup and hydrating your lips. It can work on squeaky hinges, too.

7. Skip The Sunscreen Over SPF 30

A sunscreen cream or lotion is a must-have and must-use for everyone. However, you do not need to purchase a sunscreen with SPF over 30 to get the maximum UV protection. Why? Because sunscreens with SPF 30 and over provides the same UV protection. The only difference is the length of protection. Once you sweat or get wet, you will have to reapply.

This only means that you don’t really need to use something that provides long protection, since you have to reapply now and then anyway. Plus, sunscreens with higher SPF tends to make people use it in smaller amounts, because it costs a lot more to last for more than just a few days.

8. Fling The Facial Cleanser

If your skin is prone to acne breakouts, the use of a cleanser might not be such a good idea. Cleansers in the form of soaps, liquids and foams contain harsh chemicals that dry and further irritate the skin.

Instead of relying on cleansers, seek help from your doctor if you are experiencing severe acne breakouts. You may need to look into your diet, any hormonal changes and other factors that can trigger the breakouts. In the meantime, be gentle with your sensitive skin and avoid using harsh cleansing products.

9. Axe The Anti-Aging Cream

You can’t reverse the effects of time on your face with anti-aging creams. Why not?  First, one key ingredient in most of these creams are liposomes, or the tiny shells that carry compounds to stop wrinkles and fine lines.

Manufacturers claim liposomes will penetrate deep in the skin to minimize the signs of aging. However, according to a Danish research, liposomes do not penetrate the skin, because they break as soon as they come into contact with the skin.

Another thing, anti-aging creams contain AHA or alpha hydroxyl acids that have a chemical peeling effect, especially in higher concentrations. AHA removes dead skin cells, reduces the appearance of fine lines for a smooth-looking skin. But, AHA can cause thinning of the top layer of the skin making it prone to damage from UV rays.


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