At the Movies: 6 Shockingly Scary Uses Of Sexual Symbolism


What is your main objective when watching a movie? Aside from relaxation, you want to get your mind off things and just focus on whatever is in front of you, right? This is why most of the time, you don’t notice any sexual imagery or images on film that depicts sexing ever movie you see. Your job is to pay for it and watch.

If you look closely, many films have hidden sexual images, whether it’s in their posters, in the actual film itself, or in a character in the story. Apparently, sexual imagery is powerful in eliciting physical and emotional responses from the viewers, including you. You may not notice it at first, but there is a feeling of revulsion and arousal after you see a particular film.

How Are Penises And Vaginas Used In Films? Here’s How.

1. The Little Mermaid And The Large Golden Penis

One of the most beloved classic Disney movies is The Little Mermaid. Admit it. You know all the lines in the movie, sang every song and included Part of That World as part of your list of favorite songs.

Since it is a movie for kids and kids at heart, you wouldn’t think that there is no sign, even a shadow of sexual imagery.

Apparently Not.

On the original VHS cover of this Disney classic, there was a large golden penis in the golden castle backdrop, just near the hands of Ursula. According to rumors, a disgruntled Disney fired an employee working on The Little Mermaid. As his last act of defiance, this employee deliberately drew the penis and made a fool out of the movie.

Rumors are rumors, and it turned out that the artist who drew the cover was not an employee of Disney. However, he claimed that the penis in the golden castle was completely inadvertent. Of course, that doesn’t end there.

You already know that Ursula disguised herself as Vanessa and attempts to marry Eric using Ariel’s golden voice. In the wedding scene, parents were outraged when they noticed something protruding from the minister’s area down there. Disney creators were quick to defend, saying that the supposed erection was just the minister’s legs that blended with his tunic. The protruding portion you see is just his knees and not his ding-dong.

Well said, Disney.

2. Aliens With Penis Faces

When you think of aliens, you picture those weird-looking creatures that want to invade the Earth, just like what happened in Bill Pullman and The Independence Day movie.

Or the Martians in Mars Attack, except for the hot-looking alien in tight red dress that makes her look like Marilyn Monroe.

Not for the entire Aliens franchise. In fact, if you are looking for the perfect example of sexual imagery, then this movie is the one that best describes it. As weird as it may sound, the entire franchise is nothing but penises and vaginas disguised in the form of aliens’ faces.What’s more disturbing is that the aliens, especially the alien queen resembles a man and a woman’s genitals to the point where you’ll be scared to go closer to them because you might get pregnant.

Apparently, the entire franchise is all about sexual terror. Of course, this is not by a human person, but by some other species that are willing to mate with a dog, or cat, also known as interstellar rapists. Now, that is sexual imagery in the most blatant and grossest way possible.

3. The Lion King Butt

You have to commend artists for incorporating sexual images in the film and posters. If you think The Little Mermaid is the only victim of this sexual imagery, then think again.

Even Mufasa, Simba and company are not exempted from people who want to tickle the minds of six and seven year olds. By tickle, this means let their imagination run wild in the hope that they will discover the three-letter word and everything in between.

When you look at Lion King’s re-release poster in 2002, it looks like an innocent face of Simba – plus the shadow effects. If you look at it closely and trace the area between the eyes down to the lion’s nose, you will see an image of topless woman wearing nothing but skimpy underwear and displaying her assets, literally.

You might think that Disney movies or shows that cater to the younger generation are spared from sexual imagery. Apparently, even the scene where Simba lays down on a cliff and dust flies up, the word sex is formed. It is not that obvious, of course but you have to connect the dots to see that the word is indeed there.

Imagination? Maybe. Coincidence? Probably. Still, you can’t deny the fact that even in well-loved Disney films, sexual imagery is present and slowly corrupting the minds of the youth.

4. Dead Alive Rebirth

zombieDead Alive is one of the most popular movies among the youth, particularly dudes. In fact, even women have seen it and any guy who has not seen this movie is out of the checklist.

If you haven’t seen it yet, then do whatever it takes to get a copy of this work of art, if that’s how people around you want to call it.

Just to give you an idea, Dead Alive is about a Sumatran rat monkey that inflicts humans and turns them into a zombie. Because the hero needs a villain to make the story more exciting, this monkey afflicted its mother, turn her into a dead monster and, you get the picture. The hero does not want to spread the disease so he tried his best to contain the problem.

What makes the movie disturbing is the fact that the monster is forcing her own son to go back inside her womb, while the hero tries his best to cut everything inside, so he could get out. In other words, he “birthed” himself, his full-grown self, and made his way out of his mom’s vagina. This is perhaps the grossest thing you could imagine.

For purposes of peer pressure and impressing a girl because you’ve seen one of Peter Jackson’s promising movies, go ahead and watch it.

5. The Rude Rescuers

Have you seen The Rescuers? It is one of the classic Disney movies released in 1977 about two mice of the Rescue Aid Society who are searching for a girl that was kidnapped by unscrupulous treasure hunters.

Despite being a cartoon movie for the kids, Disney decided to recall the home video version in 1999 because of the “objectional background image.”

It turns out that during the scene where heroes Bernard and Bianca were flying through the city in a sardine tin can, which was about 38 minutes, there was an image of a topless image that appeared in two different frames.

Unlike other sexual imagery scandal that rocked Disney studios, the one in The Rescuers is clear – and you could actually see it. Disney did not expressly admit it, but they knew something was wrong.

Disney claimed that the animators did not place the topless images of a woman, rather inserted during the post-production process. The company’s spokesperson also said that the tampering happened more than 20 years ago already. To save its name and protect its image as a perennial entertainment producer of shows and movies for kids, Disney decided to recall 3.4 million copies of the video.

At least, they didn’t care about the losses anymore, right? Because of that, they deserve a round of applause.

6. Jessica’s Lady Garden

Who would’ve thought that Disney movies are notorious in sexual imagery? If you are outraged by The Little Mermaid, Lion King and The Rescuers, then you should know that there is another Disney movie that became a venue for sexual imagery: Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a 1988 movie about a detective named Eddie Valiant who R.K. Maroon hires to investigate the adultery scandal involving Jessica Rabbit, the sexy wife of Roger Rabbit. However, Marvin Acme, Jessica’s other man and owner of Toontown was found dead with Roger Rabbit as the primary suspect.

Before you say it is an innocent plot, there was a scene where Valiant and Jessica run into a lamppost, sending Jessica out of the car. Jessica’s red dress flies up, revealing her unfortunately unclothed you-know-what. Animators are known for slipping racy shots even in Disney films and sadly, this is no exception. They may have thought that it was an innocent prank, but with today’s world, even kids know what play, rewind and pause buttons do.

Please Don’t Underestimate The Youth.

Given all of this sexual imagery, does this mean you should stop watching movies and TV series, especially those produced by Disney? Of course not. Sexual imagery has been a long-standing tradition, and it may be impossible to stop it. The best you can do is to become more vigilant and don’t get too affected with what you see in movies.

It’s Just Fiction. Relax And Enjoy The Show.


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