Boobs 101: 10 Breast Growth And Development FAQs


Children grow up fast, sometimes too fast. When your child turns 12, so will her life and everything about it. She’ll start having body changes; she’ll start having mood changes; she’ll start having priorities – as queer as they may seem; she’ll start having less time for sleep and more time for socializing; she’ll start having crushes; and boys will start noticing. It’s called puberty.

asking questionsPuberty is not just a stage in the hormonal changes, but in the entirety of your daughter’s life. This stage is actually pretty sensitive. Here, she mostly develops her personalization and socialization skills.

It can make or break her, define the way she interacts with people and bring all that with her to her future. Add to that the many changes that her body will go through, and the what, how, when and why questions will start raining down on you.

As serious as that sounds, and as much as you want to keep your little princess little, she will go through all that changes in her body, and she is bound to ask questions. You know for yourself, because you’ve been through that.

So, when peer pressure kicks in and she starts asking questions about the changes in her breasts, be prepared to answer them. Here are the most common questions that daughters ask their moms about their boobs and how you can answer them completely and concisely:

1. When Will I Start Growing My Breasts?

little girlPuberty stage in girls starts at the age of 12. The age varies depending on heredity and/or family health and lifestyle. With puberty come the changes in the body, inside and out.

It’s during puberty when a little girl crosses to being a lady. In this stage, the hormones in your daughter’s body rapidly change and increase, causing the increase of size of the breasts.

This is commonly the first question that your daughter will ask about her breasts at this stage. Especially when everyone else in her circle of friends start growing breasts. You can tell her that it’s all in the hormones, literally.

2. Can I Make My Breasts Bigger?

There are many ways to make the breasts bigger and most of them are unnatural for a 12 year old:

  • Breast AugmentationPregnancy – This is not something no teen wants at such an early age.
  • Breast Augmentation – This is just downright ridiculous at this early stage of breast development.
  • Breast Creams or Breast Enhancing Pills– Again, at this stage, your daughter’s breasts have only started to develop, so this is unnecessary – and even dangerous.

Heredity is the main element in what size her breasts will grow in a natural way. Basically, the breast size will stay the same when your daughter finishes the puberty stage. Heredity. So if you look down on your own pair and see that they’re not too big either, you can tell your daughter she might have to expect the same.

3. When Will My Breasts Produce Milk?

producing milk during pregnancyOkay, this one’s easy and you can answer this in your sleep. But if your daughter asks for specifics – which is what teens mostly do – here is what you can tell her.

The breasts start producing milk during pregnancy, more specifically at the moment of conception. The mammary glands start to lactate as part of the hormonal changes that the body will again go through to prepare it for the pregnancy.

The body goes through changes again, and the hormones start becoming hyperactive again and thus, milk is produced. In a simpler way, you can always tell your daughter that her breasts will start producing milk when she becomes a mother, as well – like you.

4. Why Is My Left Breast Bigger Than My Right?

left breast is biggerSweetie, you are not alone. 80 percent, which is the majority of women in the whole world have the same thing. It’s not a disease; it’s not even an abnormality. It’s perfectly normal.

The left breast is commonly bigger than the right because of the sensitivity of the immune system in the left side of the body. This is the reason why the left breast is bigger.

Of course, the difference should not be too obvious and visible for everyone else, even with clothes on. If your daughter complains that one breast is bigger than the other and the difference is palpable, it may be caused by a different factor and should be consulted with your doctor.

5. My Breasts Always Feel Sore And My Back Hurts A Lot. What Can I do?

More often than not, this happens because you or your daughter is wearing the wrong cup or bra size. Wrong size, wrong fit – definitely will lead to discomfort and tightness around your body which can then lead to back pains, breast pains and soreness.

This can sometimes be caused by not updating your bra size after changes in your body, like gaining weight or increase in the breast size.

What can you do? Wear the right bra size. You and your daughter can go to a lingerie store and have your correct size fitted and then you can start wearing the right size. Have your size checked regularly, especially if you both have an active lifestyle and are expecting changes in your body.

6. Why Is One Of My Nipples Pointing Inward Instead Of Out?

This is called aninverted nipple, and it is common to approximately between 10 and 20 percent of women. It usually occurs in one breast.

If your daughter asks you about this, there is no reason to be alarmed. This is normal and, again, happens to a good chunk of girls. It will not affect your daughter’s health, so you can relax.

However, take note that if your daughter complains that a nipple that used to pointout suddenly becomes inverted. This is a different story. You should have her checked by your doctor. Have your daughter examined by your physician immediately to prevent infection.

7. Why Do I Have Stretch Marks Around My Breasts?

girls going through pubertyStretch marks do not only appear on pregnant women. They also appear on girls going through puberty and for generally the same reason.

As your daughter’s body goes through changes – expansions and growth – stretching is to be expected. Thus, the stretch marks.

This is perfectly normal and is nothing that either of you should be concerned about. The breasts grow during puberty and it stretches from the normal skin, which would then cause these red marks around the breasts.

Eventually, the stretch marks will fade and your daughter’s skin color will go back to normal.

8. I have A Rash Around My Nipples. Is That A Form Of Infection?

heat rashActually, yes, it is a possibility. A rash, accompanied with soreness, tenderness, discharges or fever may indicate that a part of the breast area is infected. There are also other types of breast rashes, which can appear under your breasts. This is usually a heat rash or yeast infection.

As infections go, they should be addressed and treated immediately to avoid it from spreading and getting worse. If your daughter complains about a rash on her breasts, it is something that should be taken seriously. You should take her to the doctor to have her examined and treated.

9. I Feel Breast Pain And/Or Tenderness Of My Breasts. Is That Normal?

consult your doctorBreast pain and/or tenderness of the breasts for girls going through puberty is normal.

Because of the hormonal changes that her body is going through, such as starting her monthly menstrual cycle, breast pain and tenderness can be considered symptoms for the monthly cycle.

Your daughter may also complain about a tingling or itchy sensation inside the breasts.

However, if your daughter complains often about breast pain, you will have to consult your doctor to have her examined. Breast pain and tenderness should be coming and going as the hormones and monthly period cycles evolve.

10. Why Do My Breasts keep On Changing – The Size, The Shape, How They Look?

The changes in the breasts can be caused by several different factors – one may not be correlated by the other. During puberty, the hormones can become hyperactive and the changes in the body and in the breasts can be more than one. The most common factor that causes changes in the breasts – making them heavier, bigger and more sensitive – is the hormonal changes that can happen during puberty or during pregnancy.

braAnother factor that can cause changes in the breasts is your daughter’s weight loss or gain, thus changing the bra size, as well.

Since the breasts are also covered with skin, any skin-affecting activity that your daughter does may also cause a change in the breasts also.

As your daughter enters the stage of puberty, transitioning from being a girl to being a woman, there will be many changes in her – physically, mentally and socially.

It is important that you, as a mom, equip her with the right knowledge in the changes that she will go through, so that she may come out of it wiser and more confident.


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