16 Deviant Sex Acts That People Now Consider Normal


sexual fantasyEverybody has this one – or more – sexual fantasy you want to do. Most people also have that sexual fetish, or that sexual desire that enables you to draw some pleasure and gratification. Unfortunately, you don’t often discuss these fetish or fantasy out of fear of being judged.

Here’s the truth: you are not alone when it comes to having your own set of sexual preferences. Some sexual acts may seem strange compared to the “usual stuff” inside the bedroom, but believe it or not, there is someone across the room who feels the same thing.

Check this out. Once upon a time, these 16 sexual acts were frowned upon but are now considered as normal.

1. Voyeurism: The Most Obvious Yet Less Admitted Deviant Sex Act

Merriam-Webster defined voyeurism as obtaining sexual gratification from watching other people who are partly undressed, naked, or having sex. In other words, you get turned on visually or simply by watching and the other people don’t see you. Yes, it is Peeping Tom, but in a more acceptable manner.

Here’s the thing: not many people are willing to admit this. Still, if not for the voyeurs, the porn industry will not be a multi-million dollar one.

Where does the urge to spy come from?

Admit it. When you were younger, your mom told you to close your eyes during kissing scenes. She also told you that sex is a private act for adults only. This triggers your curiosity and wonder what happens behind closed doors.

Making Voyeurism Happen

 Peeping Tom is illegal and definitely unacceptable. The best you can do is to discuss this urge with your partner and come up with ways to make this happen in a manner acceptable for you both. It could be waiting for couples in The Standard in NYC to do their thing or watching porn. The important thing is you both agree.

2. Love ‘Er Feet: Foot Fetish As Among The Parts of the Body Secretly Lusted After

You are on a date with someone, which led to a steamy session in your apartment. After taking each other’s clothes off, you decided to go down, down and start foreplay with her feet. Unfortunately, it is not the best one you’ve seen and you are not happy about it.

According to a study on fetishes published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, feet and toes were the body parts usually lusted after. This is because feet and allowing someone to access it is a sign of humility. When a woman allows you to touch her feet, it sends a message that you are good enough.

The good news is feet fetish is not as freaky as you think. The best way to incorporate this fetish is to give her a foot massage. Then, verbally admire her feet and tell her about your fantasy. If she is up for it, give her a good lick too.

There is another fetish related to feet, which is surprisingly normal.

3. The Shoe Fetish and Your Fascination for Stiletto and High Heels

high heelsFact: women love shoes, but for fashion purposes. Apparently, loving, especially those high heels during sex are more on men.

What’s with high heels anyway that even porn stars don’t want to take it off?

Here’s the truth about women and high heels: there is an eroticized imagery around it. Women may not notice it but their heels became a symbol of aggressiveness and feminine power. At the same time, shoe fetish signifies your craving for female dominance – and it’s not a bad thing.

Making the Fetish Happen

On your next date night, ask your ladylove to wear high heels by choosing something that turns you on. In case it escalated into something sexier, ask her to leave her heels on.

It is important that you introduce this fantasy to your partner and explain your fascination over it. This way, she will understand and who knows, she’s up for it. Just be careful since the heels could be painful when she inadvertently hit you during your sexy session.

4. Let’s Do the Sexy Back: Butt Fetish Equates to Normal Fetish

buttWhen it comes to female body parts, it is either you are a boobs guy or butt guy, or perhaps both. Among the many fetishes and sexual fantasies, appreciating a woman’s butt is among the most acceptable one. In fact, this one is more innate.

What does this mean?

Humans are naturally attracted to butts. Believe it or not, it is a common object of fantasy these days, which you have easy access to inside the bedroom. This makes it easier for you to integrate butt fetish in the relationship. This also explains why you are so into doggy style or reverse cowgirl so you could have a better view.

Speaking of butt, there is another common fetish that is no longer a secret.

5. The Booby Trap: Understanding the Breast Fetishism

Aside from the woman’s butt, her breasts are also often the center of attention.

breastsAdmit it. You can’t help but turn 180 degrees when you see a woman with big breasts. This is also the reason why many men’s magazines emphasize a woman’s breasts because no matter what happens, it will always sell.

What’s with the boob fixation anyway?

It all boils down to evolution. If you look at it in an evolutionary perspective, a woman’s twin mountain is a sign of fertility. Therefore, you are wired to hone these assets, including the butt. Aside from this, breasts are often synonymous to sexual objects and seduction, the idea dating back to ancient civilization.

During your steamy sessions, make sure to focus on this area too. She would appreciate it if you spend a few minutes up there before giving her the best oral experience down south. 

6. Tie Her Up: Bring Out Your Inner Christian Grey Through Bondage

bondageDoes the idea of tying up your girl turn you on? Don’t worry. You are not alone. The truth is bondage is a common sexual practice even before the Fifty Shades trilogy came out. At the same time, it is a symbol of male dominance in the society, which despite the calls for equality, is unfortunately present until today.

The surprising part is bondage has become more mainstream because of accessibility of bondage materials.

Still, this doesn’t mean you should do it anytime. It is important your partner fully agrees to this practice to enjoy the experience. Once she agreed, stick to simple materials first like necktie or her robe’s tie. Slowly, introduce leather bondage with Velcro closure to make it easier for you to remove it.

Mind boggling? This is just the beginning. There are more deviant sex acts that are now considered normal so make sure you keep reading until the end. There are tips on how to do it too.

7. Giving Your Lady a Trip to the Lingerie Store

LingerieDoes your ladylove wear lingerie in her sleep? If not, when was the last time she wore one? If she did, were you turned on after seeing her wearing one?

Here is something you should know about lingerie: it is often an underrated sexual fetish. For many, it is merely a piece of see-through clothing that gets your sexual juices up and running during special occasions.

The thing is lingerie is among the arousal objects that could enhance sexual encounters. When worn, it could make your partner look extremely erotic that will surely turn you on. The thought of seeing her silhouette will get you excited to un-wrap the merchandise.

On your next trip to the mall, make sure to pass by a lingerie store and splurge on that. Then, plan a weekend getaway, just the two of you, and rekindle that passion. You will surely not look at lingerie the same way as before.

8. Mistaken Identity – Not: Be Someone Else For A Day Through Sexual Role Play

Sexual Role PlayDoctor-patient, police officer-crime offender, teacher-student – these are only some of the many role play characters you can do.

While it seem weird at first, role playing has become a common practice, thanks to adult films that make it seem so normal. If you go to sex toy stores, you might even find costumes and props you can use for your chosen character, or you can make one if you feel being creative.

Sexual Role Playing Guide For Beginners 

  • Figure out your characters and the flow of the story.
  • Set a schedule and make sure you’ll do it on that specific day.
  • Establish your limitations. You and your partner should agree on certain set of rules to make the experience more memorable.
  • Set the scene. Change of clothes is not mandatory, although this could add up to the excitement. Aside from clothes, the environment should also go with your story to keep it realistic and more exciting.
  • More importantly, have fun and enjoy the experience.

9. Good Girl Gone Bad: Punishment in the Form of Spanking

Spanking Have you seen the movie Fifty Shades of Grey? Can you remember that scene when Anastacia rolled her eyes and ended up getting spanked by Christian?

Spanking is painful. However, there is something about pain that makes it erotic and arousing, especially when you focus on the buttocks that meets the back of her thighs. In many porn films, spanking is a move of encouragement from male to female porn star. In the world of normal people, it could be any of these psychological responses that all leads to arousal:

  • Takes you back to your childhood.
  • Makes you feel either loved or humiliated.
  • Part of the dominant-submissive play.
  • An exercise of control.

Here’s the thing: not all women are up for that. Before you lay your palm on her butt, make sure to discuss this first and get her express consent. If she agrees, then make sure there is a safe word so you know when to stop. You don’t want her to feel violated, do you?

10. Say Hello to Anililagnia – A Common Fetish With Weird-Sounding Name

First, let us define the term.

older womenAnililagnia means attraction to and arousal or sexual desire from older women. There are several reasons why you are more attracted to women older than you:

  • More independent, which means they are less clingy and needy.
  • A truckload of experience, both in and out of the bedroom.
  • Clearer sense of who they are and what they want.
  • Maturity in almost all aspects of life.
  • Lesser drama.

Above all this, older women have more and better experience in bed. They know what they want and are assertive about it. An older woman could even teach you some tricks you never tried before. That’s hot, isn’t it?

11. Swinging: A Surprising, But Slowly Becoming Acceptable Setup for Couples

Have you considered sharing your partner with someone else? What about getting intimate with someone aside from your ladylove and she knows about it? Some are against it and consider it immoral. But it turns out that swinging is a common occurrence among couples. The surprising part is almost 90 percent of swingers are in a committed relationship or married couples.

What is swinging?

Swinging is an act of committed couples having sex with another individual or equally committed couple with full consent of both partners. A lot has been said about this practice. However, most couples who engage in this kind of practice are happier, increase one’s confidence, and experience improvement in the relationship.

Whether you are up for this all depends on you and your partner. Before you indulge in this kind of activity, sit down and talk about this and the possible consequences. Just because it is normal, it doesn’t follow that it is automatically acceptable.

12. Be Adventurous and Have Sex in Unusual Places

sex in unusual placesWhen you hear sex, you usually think it is something done inside the bedroom. Going outside of the four corners of the room is scandalous and considered an unacceptable behavior.

Not anymore.

According to researchers at the University of Montreal, having sex in unusual places is among the top sexual fantasies at 81.7 percent and 82.3 percent for women and men, respectively. Although the numbers reflect those who live in Quebec, this shows that more adults are willing to engage in not-so-typical sexual practices.

Having sex in the most outrageous places like in front of the church or up high in the sky is not exactly highly recommended. However, what makes sex in unusual places a common practice is the thrill that comes with it. In fact, the idea of getting caught plus the adrenaline rush put the cherry on top.

However, there are important things you need to remember before doing this:

  • The idea of sex in unusual places must be consensual.
  • Make sure that the coast is clear to avoid that trip to the police station for lewd acts and scandalous behavior.
  • Keep it quick but still charge it to experience.

13. Don’t Just Stick to One: Threesome As Among the Most Fantasized Sexual Act

It used to be you and your girl doing the most outrageous things in the bedroom. Now, you can add more in the party because it turns out that threesome is on the rise.

Recent survey showed one in every five or 20 percent of men and women have had threesome at least once in their lives. This is higher compared to the 2010 survey of Cosmopolitan and Ask Men that said less than 10 percent had threesome.

What caused the sudden jump?

  • The Kinsey Institute believed that women fantasize about being dominated while men are into group sex and are often dominating. This remains unchanged for years, which explains why women find it easier to take their clothes off in front of another woman.
  • Media and popular male magazines’ depiction of threesome as the savior for your dipping sex life. There are also tons of information available about threesome, including how to’s.
  • Increased accessibility through online casual encounter depots and dating sites.

Whether you and your girl are up for it is an entirely different game. It is best to discuss this with your partner before typing your threesome ad in Craigslist.

14. Send Your Kids To Your Mom’s House and Make Your Own Porn Film

video cameraCan you imagine life without camera? Think about those moments you missed and the sceneries you weren’t able to capture.

That is the beauty of technology. With the advent of camera, video camera, and even mobile phones with zoom-in technology, you were able to capture those moments and treasure them forever – including the things you do inside the bedroom.

Yes, couples recording the act and making their own sex tapes are becoming common, thanks to Paris and Kim. Since then, filming yourself doing the deed is no longer considered as taboo.

Tips for Making Your Own Sex Tape

  • Make sure you have ample lighting so you could see how your partner’s body looks like. Candles could also help for a more sensual mood.
  • Keep your clothes on then slowly undress each other for the camera.
  • Decide what positions you will do. As much as possible, save the acrobat and experimentation in your succeeding sections.
  • Talk dirty to help ease any tension.
  • Let go and have fun with the experience. If you are nervous or self-conscious, then it will show in the camera.
  • Watch it once then delete it. If you plan to keep it, then make sure to guard it with your life and use it accordingly.

There’s more. Keep reading. Who knows, your preferred fetish is part of the list.

15. Get Wet Through the Popular Water Sport in the Sexual Arena

Have you heard of the term urolagnia? It is an act of getting aroused by urine, regardless of whether you feel it or smell it. For some, this also involves act of bathing in urine. Common types of urolagnia include:

  • Wetting yourself even with your clothes on.
  • Watching other persons wet themselves while fully clothed.
  • Watching others pee in the bathroom.
  • Acting as a human urinal, an act known as the “golden shower.”
  • Desire to urinate in public.

Sounds gross? Here is the surprising part: it is a common sexual fetish and some people are actually enjoying it.

It is unclear why this type of fetish happens in some people. Experts theorized the feelings of liberation when urinating in public. It could also traced back to regression to your childhood where you feel loved every time you wet yourself. Urolagnia also involves the element of humiliation and control, especially when you see someone relieving themselves on other person.

16. Entering the Back Door: A Sexual Fetish Now Acceptable

When you are in a relationship, you are willing to try everything inside the bedroom to keep things up and running. This may include anal sex – and it always involves you as the one initiating it.

You’ve seen it in porn and read about it in erotic books. Anal sex is among the popular choices in couples because of the different kind of sensation it brings.

anal sexAre you thinking of trying it? Then make sure to take note of these tips:

  • Try entering her back door only if you are both willing to do it.
  • Wear condom regardless of which hole you are entering. Consequently, don’t use the same condom going from vagina to anal and back to vagina again.
  • Lube is going to be your best friend so make sure there are tons of it.
  • Getting the tip in will make her feel pain since the head of your penis is the widest part. Once you get past it, it will get better.
  • Take it slow. If she feels pain, then don’t force your thing inside her butt.

Anal sex should be consensual. If she is not yet ready, then don’t force her to do it.

What do these 16 deviant-sex-acts-turned-normal is trying to imply? Your sexual preferences vary. What works for you may not work for others, but this doesn’t mean you should impose upon them. These sexual fetishes may seem normal but there are still many women who prefer traversing the normal, traditional route.

In case you are feeling a bit experimental, make sure to talk about it with your partner first. Sex, regardless if it involves sexual fantasies or not, should be consensual and amenable to both for better, more pleasurable experience.


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