Get Your Glow On: 6 Foods for Beautiful Skin  


We are all after that perfect airbrushed skin. Ideally, we would love to have flawless skin without the help of Photoshop or camera filters. Since this is a difficult task, women spend countless dollars on makeup. Sometimes, they even seek cosmetic procedures to procure that ideal complexion.

beautiful skinHowever, there are natural, yet effective, ways to achieve that flawless skin perfection without spending your entire life’s savings, or going under the knife.

Would you believe it if someone told you that the remedies you’re in search of were right there in your kitchen? It’s true.

Certain foods and vitamins can help you achieve that beautiful skin that you have been waiting for your entire life. Follow us as we explore ten different foods you can eat to help reach that perfect complexion you’ve always wanted.

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

It sounds trivial, but water has myriads of health benefits. A well-hydrated body takes in fewer calories, and ultimately energizes more than usual.

In addition, bowel movements improve with hydration, and weight loss becomes easier. Besides these many physical effects, water also helps us achieve a flawless perfection.

Drinking plenty of waterWhy is this true? Well, our skin acts as a wall that helps retain water. If we become dehydrated at all, then the water retention lessens and skin becomes wrinkled or dry. Therefore, proper water consumption leads to beautiful, perfectly moistened skin.

Experts recommend that the average woman drinks approximately 91 ounces of water per day. While some may say that this is too much water consumption, we feel that the worst that can happen is the occasional trip to the bathroom. Besides, what’s worse, an overactive bladder or a wrinkled, dry face? Drinking plenty of water will not only make you look better, you’ll feel more energized and alert, too.

You can find water anywhere in your home, from bottles to the faucet. Did you know there are other common foods that can help beautify your skin? Check your pantry. Do you have whole grain bread or pasta? Read on to learn why you should stock up on some.

2. Hearty Whole Grains

Whole GrainsWhole grains are healthy for a multitude of different reasons. From reducing your risk of strokes,
type two diabetes and heart attacks, to helping improve cardiovascular function, whole grains are necessary to add to your diet regardless of their beautifying effects.

It might sound like a stretch, but switching from refined carbs to whole grains can help decrease your breakouts and lessen the appearance of zits or pimples.

Why Is This?

Refined carbohydrates tend to increase insulin levels, which is commonly associated with oily and therefore pimply skin. Whole grains also help improve digestion, and experts say that digestive issues typically reflect in the skin, as well.

So, where can you fit in whole grains into your diet?

whole grain breadBesides whole grain bread or pasta, you can find many common cereals, breakfast bars, chips, and cookies that contain whole grains.

In fact, the Whole Grains Council has made it quite easy to find these foods. Simply look for the Whole Grains Stamp on marked packages.

This stamp means that the Whole Grains Council has approved this food product to include a full serving of whole grains. If there is no stamp, then the food may still contain whole grains.

Simply look for the name of whole grain, whole wheat, or another grain within the ingredients list. This is typically a good indicator.

Other than these common foods, there are a few others you may want to add to your grocery list. Next up? Honey.

3. Honey: The Super Food Of The Ages

Now, in the title of this article we imply that we will discuss foods to consume for healthy skin, when in actuality, we’re going to talk about applying foods to your skin, as well as consuming them, especially with this section about honey.

While honey is delicious, it can be the quintessential beautification product. It would be nice if eating a tablespoon of honey were to help your skin, but we are actually recommending the application of honey directly onto your skin. That’s right. Glob up some honey on your face, and voila – beautiful skin.

HoneyDon’t believe it? Listen to this: honey is comprised of humectant. Humectant is an ingredient that attracts moisture, which therefore makes it ideal for moistened skin.

You can purchase honey from your local grocer, however, it is highly advisable to get to know your local honey supplier. The more local, the better.

Look for the little old lady who sells honey around the corner. We know she’s around there somewhere. Local honey farmers exist, and their honey will be more effective for your skin.

If applying honey directly onto your skin is a little too unorthodox for you, then consider mixing some honey with essential oils for a facial mixture. Honey can also treat wounds.

In fact, honey mixes with particular fluids, commonly found in ulcers, creating a type of hydrogen peroxide. This phenomenon helps heal wounds of all types significantly quicker than other methods.
While this option sounds pretty sweet to us, you might enjoy some of the other foods we have listed. Keep following as we now discuss seafood.

4. Ocean’s Bounty: Seafood

SeafoodIn case you were worried, it is not recommended that you lather yourself with fish. Instead, the consumption of seafood will help provide you with that glow you desire.

The reason why seafood is such a wonderful food for the skin is because of two nutrients: omega-3 fatty acids and zinc.

The zinc included in all seafood helps to fight acne by ceasing the production of sebum, an oily substance in the skin. The omega-3 fatty acids help to fight inflammation and dryness of the skin.

Since these two substances are present within fish, seafood is the ultimate beauty food to consume.

If you are not a huge seafood fan, then you can find omega-3 fatty acids and zinc within other foods as well, such as flaxseed oil and walnuts. Also, you can always take an omega-3 or zinc supplement, with the okay of your doctor, of course.

5. Eggs: Another Skin Super Food

Eggs are one of the super foods for skin when analyzing beautification qualities. Eggs are a wonderful resource for perfect skin because they contain so many helpful nutrients, such as protein, biotin, water and various vitamins. Let’s break down the results of these various nutrients.

Proteins help improve the skin’s appearance because protein helps provide amino acids. Amino acids generate new proteins within skin cells, and these proteins all play important roles for the skin. Collagen, melanin, and elastin are affected through these amino acids, so without them the skin can look wrinkled, dry, and even off color.

EggsWe have already discussed the importance of water, and believe it or not eggs actually contain quite a bit of water. In addition, eggs also contain vitamins A and D, both of which help improve skin function.

Vitamin A helps promote gene activity and cell development. Without vitamin A within your body, your skin changes its cellular makeup and reduces the function of sweat glands. These negative effects can lead to acne, pimples, zits, and other unsightly blemishes.

Vitamin D also controls gene activity, particularly the growth of keratinocytes. Keratinocytes are protein-rich cells necessary to complete the outermost layer of our skin tissue. Keratinocytes help support hair follicles, and without it, we could go bald. Therefore, not only will eggs help promote beautiful skin, but hair growth as well.

As if these ingredients were not enough, there are more in eggs to help beautify your skin. Eggs contain iron, which helps provide our skin with fresh oxygen. Also, eggs contain selenium, which protects the skin from damage.

Through the consumption of two eggs a day, we can reach the serving requirement for most of these nutrients. This sounds simple enough. There are even more foods that we can purchase and consume to help improve our skin’s appearance and function. Do you feel like you’re going crazy learning about all of these foods and their beautifying effects? Follow us as we go a little nuts ourselves.

6. Go Nuts For Nice Skin

Many different nuts have different beautification factors, so adding various nuts into your diet can do wonders for your skin. Many different nuts include vitamin E, which is very important for our skin. Vitamin E works to combat free radicals, which tend to make our skin appear aged and dry. Vitamin E also helps our skin stay moisturized, so our skin will look less dry and more youthful instead.

NutsIf you are not a fan of any type of nut, then you can find vitamin E in other foods too.

Avocados, spinach, shrimp, asparagus, and Swiss chard are all supplementary forms of food for the consumption of vitamin E.

We know that food can be the gateway to the soul, but apparently it can also be the gateway to beautiful, flawless skin.

Through the consumption and application of various foods, you can find yourself with that youthful, moisturized skin you have always dreamed of.

No longer will we need to rely on Photoshop and camera filters to achieve perfect-looking skin. Instead, make yourself some eggs, grab a glass of water and snack on some walnuts at work. We guarantee that with the right diet, you will notice visibly improved skin in no time.

It is as simple as adding some new foods to your grocery list, or if you already have them in your kitchen, learning how to incorporate them into your daily diet. The possibilities for recipes are endless with these various ingredients. Be sure to include vitamins D and E in your recipes, and you are sure to see glowing skin soon.

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