A Dummy’s Guide on How to Attract Women the Quick and Smart Way


You have an enviable bank balance, a fancy car, an expensive suit, and all things hot and happening. Even with all of this, are you finding it hard to woo that girl you’d like to date? Are you lost as to what attracts women to men?

Well, we have a few useful tips on how to attract women. These are some of the most basic things you must keep in mind while trying to draw the attention of your lady love. Following these suggestions will definitely make a difference in the way women respond to you. Being the prince charming to the woman you’ve always dreamt of will never be easier. Follow these simple rules, buck up, and go get her.

1. While Attracting Women, Make Sure To Smile Slower

smileA person’s smile is the first thing to which another person can get attracted. Smiling slowly comes across as more genuine. It is a heartwarming sight to watch someone smile. Women love men who radiate a positive personality. A smile is the best way to reflect positivity in the first instance. It is the first step towards attracting women.

Psychological studies have proven that a smile in a man is also perceived as a sign of dominance. Some women love this quality.

2. Make and Maintain Eye Contact

Looking a woman in the eye is another sign of confidence. Confidence is easily one of the biggest factors that attract women.

If you cannot look a woman in the eye and speak to her, she will be convinced that she cannot have a good conversation with you. Without a conversation, things are bound to reach a deadlock at some point. Maintaining eye contact itself will in fact help you do a lot of the talking.

3. Keep Your Body Neat and Clean

No woman is attracted to a man who does not take care of himself. Personal grooming is an essential part of making yourself presentable.

You need not spend big bucks on maintaining yourself, but keeping your body clean should be a priority. You can choose from a wide variety of grooming products to deal with cosmetic issues. Products like Garnier Men Power Light SPF, Skinception AHA Toner, Nivea Men Grooming Kit, and Skinception Microderm Facial Exfoliator are quite popular.

4. Tease Her and Make Her Laugh

crack her upA lot of women love spending time with men who have a great sense of humor. Sometimes, a woman wants nothing more than to laugh till her ribs hurt. Understanding the kind of humor that your woman enjoys will go a long way in helping you crack her up. Tease her without offending her.

Make her laugh with your originality and creativity. She will automatically grow fonder of you.

5. Speak In a Deep, Manly Voice

A baritone is one of the most popularly accepted signs of a mature man. If you’re wondering how to attract older women, don’t even think about it if you have an under confident, childish tone.

While some women like boyish guys sometimes, they inevitably are more attracted to men with a deeper voice. A thick voice reflects a bold personality, which women love. Studies have shown time and again that women are incredibly drawn towards husky male voices that project masculinity.

6. Have the Right Posture to Attract Women

How to attract women with body language is an art. If you master this, you are sure to find success in wooing your lady instantly. You must be relaxed, but not sloppy. You must exude confidence in the way you walk and talk. Do not slouch or stand awkwardly upright to the point that it looks unnatural.

A man with a great body language can attract women even without talking.

7. Keep Your Chin Tilted Upwards

keep your chin upAnother important lesson in maintaining the ideal body language is to keep your chin up. Studies show that a man’s face tilted up shows a more masculine personality. It is improbable that you will be noticed in a crowd if you stand with your head bowed low. While it is important to not overdo it, you must learn to project yourself well.

Walking with your chin up will also show you have confidence in yourself. No wonder all powerful personalities walk with their heads held high.

8. Wear Nice, Presentable Clothes

It’s not always the brand that matters. What matters is that you wear neat, clean clothes that are not ill fitting. Dress comfortably, but not always casually. While a majority of the men are not fashion conscious like women, it is imperative that they take care of their appearance. A well-dressed man is a treat to any woman’s eyes.

What attracts women is not necessarily the tag you carry. It is whether you are dressed appropriately for the occasion and whether you carry yourself in what you wear.

9. Wear the Color Red

A lot of studies show that women are more attractive when dressed in red. Apparently, this applies to men as well. It’s amazing how a simple color choice can make a difference. Red is regarded as a symbol of power and sexuality. When men are dressed in red, or appear before a red background, women find them more attractive.

Be careful, because it is easy to go wrong with red clothing in men. Make sure you pick something not too loud, but just enough to make a point.

10. Get Your Sleep Comfortably

beauty sleepBeauty sleep again, is not a concept applicable only to women. It is more of a health concern than a cosmetic matter. The benefits of a peaceful sleep are more than evident on one’s face. A good sleep will make you less cranky, more cheerful, more energetic, and more ready for social gatherings.

Sleep-deprived people come across as less attractive and less interested in everything around them. When meeting a woman you want to date, be attentive and fresh. She is sure to love the energy.

11. Smell Amazing When You’re with Her

Sexy perfumes can make heads turn. Women are particularly attracted to scents that are musky. Other smells that seem to be women’s favorites are lime, vanilla and leather. Pick a good perfume that’s not too overwhelming.

Be careful with how much you apply. No one likes a man bathed in deodorant or perfume. Apply just enough to maintain a pleasant fragrance just around you.

It is a scientifically proven fact that human bodies contain hormones that physically attract you to certain great smells; therefore, the need to smell amazing has a logical backing.

12. Keep Your Body Healthy and Fit

It is a well-known fact that women love toned bodies of men. A healthier body is definitely a hotter body. The cuts on your body can really turn some women on. A good physique tells a lot about your personality. It reflects well on your routine, eating habits, genes, and level of fitness. Women adore men who take care of themselves.

Also, a woman would generally like someone who looks good with her. It may be beneficial to tone yourself accordingly.

13. Find Your Talent or Learn a New One

good at musicJust like parents love showing off their kids at gatherings, women love showing off their boyfriends. A guy who’s good at music or languages or art or has any other such talent will be an instant hit with the women.

If you do not possess any regular talents, do not panic. There is always something you can pick up and impress people with. Further, it’s never too late to learn something new. It’ll not only attract others to you, it’ll also make you feel good about yourself.

14. Be Confident and Project Yourself Well

Confidence, as mentioned before, is the most charming factor that a woman looks for in a man. If you’re confident, half the battle is won.

There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance though. You must maintain decorum no matter where you are. Make sure you don’t trample upon others in the name of confidence. The way you walk, the way you talk, the way you dress, everything is a measure of your confidence. It is the easiest factor to judge, so be sure to get it right.

15. Don’t Brag About Yourself

Being talented is one thing, but being an exhibitionist about it is a. It is one of the most unpleasant behaviors and is looked down upon strongly. A person who brags is regarded as an annoyance. No one likes a know-it-all, even if the person in question is an intelligent one. Talking about oneself in high regard does nothing to bring the person to limelight.

If you’ve played your cards well, the women will themselves give you all the attention you need and deserve. Bragging will only prove to be counter-productive.

16. Be an Exciting Partner

keep things interestingSpontaneity is an excellent quality to have. Unpredictable ways and surprises really excite a lot of women. Monotony is a more common killer of relationships than you realize.

Women love bad boys, but only to a degree. They enjoy every bit of spark that you add to the relationship. Moreover, it pleases them to know you’re always on your toes to keep things interesting.

Doing exciting things for your woman, also show that you prioritize her. It shows that you want to keep the spirit alive and kicking. It also shows that she means something to you for you to go out of your way.

17. Be Kind and Respectful To Everybody

Chivalry is of course a quality every woman loves in a man. She loves being treated like a princess, with the pulling of the chair and holding out of the door. More importantly, women judge men on the basis of how they treat others, as well. Just being nice to her is not enough.

If you are not kind to the waiter who serves you or the attendant at the parking lot, she will surely think badly of you. After all, how can you treat her with respect, if you can’t even be kind to those who serve you? Be polite and respect everyone around you, including your partner.

18. Be Stable, Keep Promises and Be Responsible

makes a woman very happyOne thing that really annoys women is when men take up something and don’t do it. Women are generally more meticulous in doing their daily things.

But when a man fulfills the promises he makes, it makes a woman very happy. It gives women immense pride to know that their man is responsible, goal-oriented and someone they’d be secure with.

If you are not self-reliant, women will generally avoid you as they will consider you a burden.

19. Be Her Knight in Shining Armor

Even with the talks about feminist rights and independence going on, women love it when their men step up in their defense when needed. Women hate being overshadowed or being told they cannot do something because of their gender. However, they will really appreciate your efforts in helping her stand on her own.

Sometimes, we all feel like we’re not strong enough. But if you’re someone who can protect your woman without making her feel weak, you’re bound to be a great partner.

20. Show off Your Scars

When a woman wants to be close to you, she will expect you to show her your vulnerable side. Showing off your scars is one way of doing this. Contrary to what you may think, women will not treat scars as signs of weakness in you. In fact, they will want to know the story behind every scar.

Some women even consider that facial scars that give a rugged look are sexy in men. Scars are even regarded as signs of masculinity.

21. Be Original and Independent

self-made manA self-made man is every woman’s dream. Originality will never go unappreciated by a woman. She will definitely notice it and cherish it. This is the reason why generic jokes from the internet or aping another person don’t work. It is you she wants to be interested in, not your imitation of someone else.

You must be proud of yourself and have no qualms about being yourself. This is a beautiful quality that attracts women. Avoid keeping another person as your benchmark.

22. Don’t Be Creepy, Subtlety is What Attracts Women

Many men make the mistake of coming on too strong too soon. You don’t realize that you may come across as a creep when all you want to be is friendly. Always be subtle in your intentions. Make the woman comfortable while talking to her. This is the first lesson in how to attract women on Facebook and other social media.

Hurrying her up or saying inappropriate things to her will only push her farther away. Don’t force her to do anything she doesn’t want to.

23. Show that you’re Interested in them

Women crave attention. Most men get tired of giving them attention after the first few weeks. This starts to have a negative impact soon. Flirting with women can attract them to you quite quickly. Tell them how amazing they really are in a classy way. Keep it fun at the same time. Women love being reminded how fabulous they are.

You can also make other gestures like getting her some of her favorite things, taking her out, or cooking for her. All these actions will make her feel more special and close to you.

24. Go to the Dentist and Maintain Your Pearly Whites

In the course of smiling at them and talking to them, women are bound to notice your teeth. Clean, white teeth are great indicators of a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you go to your dentist not just in your own interest but also because they affect physical appearance a lot. Having white teeth is truly a bonus.

Discolored teeth leave a bad impression on any woman who tries interacting with you. She will be lead to believe that you lack personal hygiene, which may not actually be the case.

25. Play Hard To Get Sometimes

All of the tips so far tell you how to prepare yourself to be the ideal guy. However, while you make your efforts, also make sure you lay low and play hard to get. You need not act pricey and cocky. But you do have the liberty to show the girl what you’re worth. It’s okay to make her wait or play around with her sometimes.

Never let a woman make you feel you’re not worth her time if you’ve done nothing to deserve that.

Some Final Thoughts on How to Attract Women

be yourselfWith these techniques, you are sure to be more confident on how to approach women. The next time you’re confused about how to attract women, just think of which of these aspects was lacking and you can undo the damage easily.

Remember, you must realize that no amount of information is enough to make you an expert on how to talk to women, how to attract them, or how to flirt with them. A lot is to be mastered through trial and error.

The most important thing is to be yourself. No one likes a phony, so for a good head start, you can try these helpful tips.

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