26 Quick and Awesome Tips on How to Look Handsome Easily


PeopleEconomics suggest “human wants are unlimited,” and rightly so. People never seem to be satisfied, even if only one of their demands is not met. Similarly, people are never content with their appearance. They want to look better and appear desirable to others.

While it’s easier for the ladies, guys tend to become puzzled about how to look handsome and attractive. In this modern era, good looks are something men increasingly strive for, but most of them think it requires a lot more effort than it does.

Fear not boys, for you have landed at the right place. Here in this article, you will learn how to look handsome with just a few easy steps you can master like a piece of cake. The best thing is that this article is for men and boys of all ages. Try one or more of these tips you can use to attract the woman of your dreams today.

You may be surprised at how simple some of these following tips on how to look handsome truly are:

1. Let Your Smile Do All the Talking

SmileNothing will help you connect with someone more than a smile. That curvy line makes you feel better from within due to the release of feel-good hormones called endorphins. Besides, it has a strong impact and a soothing effect on the person you’re smiling at. After all, smiling is contagious.

Get up. Look into the mirror and make a grumpy face. Take a moment. Now look into the mirror again and, this time, smile. Which face do you like better?

There, you have got your answer. Your smiling face also makes you seem more approachable. Now you know the secret of how to look handsome in photos. Just smile.

2. Show Your Sincerity: Look Straight Into the Eyes of People

Your eyes alone can do wonders. They are undoubtedly the most beautiful aspect of your body and can help you associate with someone within seconds. This is what is commonly known as eye contact.

To look handsome and confident, just look straight into the other person’s eyes while making conversation. This not only reveals your confidence level, but also makes you appear oh-so-sexy.

A fitting eye contact is the first step towards building a beautiful love story. Why do you think the phrase “love at first ‘sight’” exists? Do not worry if you wear spectacles. This is one effective way of how to look handsome with glasses on.

3. Exude Confidence: Walk Straight and Try Not to Slouch

Walk StraightMen who slouch appear to lack self-confidence, which makes them unattractive to others. It gives a signal to others that they aren’t comfortable with their bodies. A correct body posture is a must in order to look handsome. Not only will it help you to lure women, but will also improve your health in the long run. Dual benefits, you see.

Keep your back in a straight position as far as possible. You could do some stretching exercises every day in order to strengthen your muscles. Also, avoid sitting down in the same position for long continuous hours. Take a break and do some stretching. Looking handsome could not be easier.

You may be wondering exactly how to feel the part when it comes to self-confidence, so read on.

4. Practice Makes Perfect: How to Nurture Your Self-Confidence

Trust us when experts say, nothing will make you appear hotter than your hard as nails self-confidence. Note: this is about self-confidence and not over-confidence. The latter can be detrimental to the impression you create on others’ minds. Men who are confident are more desirable to women. You can be upbeat and fall in love only when you learn to love yourself, including your flaws.

Here are a few tips on how to look handsome:

  • Know what you want and work towards it.
  • Go out of your comfort zone sometimes to deal with the situation.
  • Be more humble and show gratitude.
  • Ask for help when needed.
  • Get yourself a good mentor.
  • Be friends with positive people and peers who don’t pull you down.

5. Use Your Personal Style as a Way to Say Who You are Sans the Words

Your clothesYour clothes reveal your sense of style and give an impression about your overall personality, even before you open your mouth to speak. Therefore, it is vital to dress right.

Clothes have the power to make even a dull person look lively. Make sure you are wearing proper apparel, teamed with attractive accessories. So, you want to know how to look hot?

Here is a record of what you can wear to be on a woman’s want-list:

  • A black leather jacket or any other leather jacket for that matter, teamed with a white t-shirt and blue jeans.
  • Shirts with rolled up sleeves, having the first few chest buttons open.
  • V-neck sweaters, pea coats or hoodies during winter.
  • A well-tailored suit, usually of a darker shade with a proper tie.
  • Beanies or bandanas.
  • A plain white shirt or any light colored shirt with blue denims.

6. Start From the Bottom with the Right Shoes for You

Did you know there are some women out there who will judge you on the basis of what shoes you are wearing? Yes, you heard that right. Therefore, it is all the more necessary to be careful about the kind of shoes you are wearing and whether or not they suit the occasion. It is always advisable to invest in the right pair of shoes that exude high quality as well as style.

Ensure that your formal shoes, sneakers, gym shoes and casual shoes are all different pairs. Your footwear should always match with your belt, especially if you are wearing a tailored suit. You can also wear a little funkier pair of socks to pep up your style quotient.

7. Working Out: How Exercise Makes You Look Handsome and Attractive

Working OutWho can understate the numerous benefits that regular exercise has on your body? Not only does it lower the risks of heart disease, reduce stress levels and keep you fitter, it also plays a major role in making you look more handsome.

Girls go gaga over a fitter body that is also well built and strong, which promises much fun inside the bedroom. Are you wondering how to look handsome from face to toe with exercise? Here is a list of a few exercises that you can do every day:

  • Running
  • Brisk Walking
  • Jogging
  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Floor Exercises
  • Lifting Weights

8. Recharge Your Batteries: Get the Right Amount and Kind of Sleep

SleepDid you know a good night’s sleep can actually make you look younger? It sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

It’s proven that uninterrupted sleep can have positive results on your body by lowering your stress levels, resulting in fewer wrinkles on your skin and no more bags under your eyes. Therefore, experts recommend that one should have a sound sleep at night for about seven to nine hours without any interruptions if you really want to look dapper the next day.

You have obviously heard of beauty sleep, right? Now go get it. For the youngsters, this is the right tip on how to look handsome in middle school. If you are dealing with serious sleeping disorders, consult your doctor and get it treated as soon as possible.

9. Fuel Your Body: Take a Closer Look at What You are Eating

Along with exercises, it is vital to keep a check on what you are eating. You have to make sure that you avoid more junk food and instead consume leafier, green vegetables and other healthy food items. This will make your body system function effectively, resulting in a healthier and a more handsome you.

Not only that, it is essential for you to always stay hydrated. You should consume at least 1.5 gallons of water every day if you really want looks to die for. You can also have health drinks or fruit juices for that matter.

10. Unhealthy to Healthy Habits: A Much Needed Transformation

bad habitsSit down and list down your bad habits. Are you a chain-smoker? Are you an excessive drinker? Are you on drugs or doing something worse, aside from these?

Chances are that, when you have such bad habits, it shows on your body. Unless your body is healthy, you will never feel or look attractive. Therefore, it is essential to cut down on your bad habits and replace them with healthier habits.

It is okay to ask for help, although this can be hard for some men. There are many tools doctors can use to help patients quit bad habits, so don’t hesitate to contact your doctor to get started on a healthier life. Not only will you feel better from within, it will also have a positive change in your life as a whole. Above all, you are sure to look more handsome, fitter and younger.

11. Beyond Your Bath: Simple Ways to Be More Hygienic

In order to say how to look handsome in school or other levels of life, experts suggest you to maintain proper hygiene. A shabby looking person will never attract a woman. Make sure your hands are always clean and your nails are trimmed and neat.

Dirty finger nails are an instant turn-off. Visit the salon and get a manicure and pedicure done once a month, at least. If you can’t afford the salon, learn how to manicure your own nails by looking at YouTube videos.

You can also trim or shape your eye brows; remember to only get them done by a professional. Most hair dressers will trim your brows, and even your beard or mustache for you. Remember, no one likes bushy eye brows. Do this and women will surely adore you.

12. Water is Your Friend: Say Yes to Regular Showers

Regular ShowersExperts suggest that you should take cold showers instead of hot showers. Experts claim a cold shower is helpful, because it will:

  • Will set up the right mood for you leaving you totally fresh.
  • Improves immunity and enhances your state of mind.
  • Aids in increasing the testosterone levels and libido in men.
  • Adds to your longevity.
  • Helps in proper blood circulation.
  • Will make your skin look glowing and shinier, making you look more handsome.
  • Also promises to be anti-aging.

Understanding how to look handsome in high school is not tough, provided you take care of your hygiene habits and learn how to talk to girls.

13. Use Your Mirror: Comb and Style Your Hair Rightly

If your hair game is set, nothing can stop you from getting the woman of your dreams. After all, the term ‘bad hair day’ exists for a reason, right? It is vital that your hair is well kept and tidy.

Get a sexy haircut and who can stop you from looking ‘clean-cut’? Consult your hair stylist and ask him to get you a haircut that would match the shape of your face. Your hairstyle can either improve or totally degrade your overall personality and, therefore, it is vital to have the right haircut.

Also stay well groomed. Go for regular trimming and always keep your hair well combed. Looking handsome couldn’t get easier than this.

14. Look After the Delicate Thing: Caring for Your Skin

skin care productsYou must know that your skin is the most delicate and largest part of your body. Therefore, it also demands special treatment and care. When it comes to the health of your skin, it is vital to invest in the right skin care products based on your skin type.

Not every product will suit you because your skin type may be different from what the product is suited for. For example, if your skin is oily and acne prone, you should use products that will control the oil, leading to lesser acne.

Always keep your face clean and wash it at regular intervals with a good quality face wash. It is best to follow the cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine regularly. Do this and no one can stop you from looking elegant and dapper.

15. Protect Yourself: Apply the SPF Before Stepping Outside

The sun’s UV rays can damage your skin, leading to skin tanning, skin burns and other skin issues. Therefore, it is essential to dab a good quality sunscreen with a minimum sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 on all the exposed parts of your skin before you hit the road.

Remember to do it regularly and not only on sunny days. You could also wear fashionable caps or hats, sunglasses, or scarves to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun and also look attractive at the same time.

16. Men Need Pampering, Too: Say Yes to Facials

No gentlemen. Facials are not just an all-girls thing. Your skin needs equal care and pampering. A facial includes massaging, cleansing and scrubbing your face with high end products.

ShavingA good facial will make your face look brighter and clearer by removing the dead skin cells and by flushing out the toxins. At the end of it, you are bound to feel more relaxed and rejuvenated, and more handsome. Therefore, an occasional facial is a must.

17. Defend Your Skin Against Constant Shaving: Pick Up the Lotion Now

Thanks to the shaving, your skin tends to get drier sooner or later and therefore it is essential to keep it hydrated and moisturized all day long. In order to do this, invest in a good brand and make sure you buy a moisturizer that suits your skin type.

Use it frequently and dab some lotion on your cleansed face to get rid of the dryness. This will make your skin look fairer and brighter and your girl will not be able to keep her hands off your face.

18. Back to Smiling: How to Keep Your Teeth Sparkling White

Clean and sparkling teeth are a clear hint of how well groomed you are. It is crucial to not have bad breath. If you have dental issues like yellow teeth or bad breath issues, consult your dentist as soon as possible.

Visit your dentist twice a year for intensive cleaning. You can also keep chewing gum or mouth wash handy. They will ensure you smell good before you meet someone special or have to attend a meeting.

19. Looking Up: Trim Those Nose Hairs

Nose HairsYou will be pleased to know that most women would want their man to keep their nasal hair trimmed. Most women are shorter than their partners, so you have to make sure their view is appealing.

So men, you can use special trimming scissors, in front of a mirror with sufficient lighting, to trim those tiny, ugly, unwanted hairs. Don’t forget to sterilize the scissors after you are done to avoid any infections later.

20. Prevent Beard Burn: No Long Stubble Please

There’s no denying how sexy stubble looks on a man but, as you know, ‘too much of anything can be harmful’. It is the same in the case of stubble. Long stubble tends to look unkempt and ugly and could be a sign of bad grooming habits. On the other hand, a short, sexy and well-groomed beard is always desirable.

Remember, you also need to take good care of your beard by using special beard shampoos and conditioners. Besides, keep it well trimmed all the time. After all, beards can make you look oh-so-handsome.

21. Body Odor is a Deal Breaker: How to Smell Clean 24/7

Nothing will drive people away from you more than your body odor. Therefore, it is necessary to smell good all the time. Make sure you take a shower regularly and use a good body wash every day.

You can use anti-perspiring deodorants to keep away from body odor too. Also, keep a check on your sneakers and shoes. They could be the reason for the odor.

22. Explore This Hidden Secret to Attract Women

take a shower regularlyYou already know that smelling good throughout the day is key to attracting people towards you. Keeping this in mind, specialists have created a pheromones spray especially for men. This potent spray makes you irresistible and helps you attract women. Not only does your aura last longer, it makes you appear sexier and may be the most desirable one of the lot.

If you are keen to use this magical spray, visit nexuspheromones.com to find out more about the product. It is safe and effective and contains ingredients that attract women magnetically.

23. Trends and Styles: Find Out What Your Favorite Celeb is Rocking

Men, just like women, tend to follow celebs religiously. Be it film stars, cricketers, footballers or musicians, men idolize the stars like crazy. You can use this to your advantage and follow their lifestyles or keep a check on their habits in order to look as handsome as them.

They are human beings after all and looking dapper and attractive can be an easy task, if you have a mentor. So why not make your favorite celeb your idol? Surf the net, browse through magazines and read articles about them and their lifestyle habits and implement the same in your life. You will feel the difference soon.

24. Talk to Women Like the Confident Man You Really Are

You should be polite while introducing yourself to women. Don’t fake it. You must smile during the conversation and make proper eye contact. Talk about common interests to engage her in the conversation.

Make sure she is comfortable, so avoid talking about personal things in the first conversation itself. It is vital that you to listen to her and that she feels she is holding your attention. This will keep her interest growing. You can also show your humorous side to impress her, but do not overdo it.

25. Are You Still Wondering How to Look Handsome: Learn the Etiquette Essentials

HandsomeYour manners are what will set you apart from the rest. Good etiquette and habits are not something that will go unnoticed.

Women get blown over by men who are humble, courteous and honest. Therefore, in order to attract a lady, make sure your manners are in check.

26. Genuinely Attractive: Why You Should Just Be Yourself

Women tend to be good observers and chances are, if you’re faking it, she will get to know that over time. Showing off is an instant turnoff and, therefore, you should aim to be more down-to-earth and humble in front of your lady. Be yourself and let her know about your personality, preferences and opinions. Do not appear as a wannabe. Believe in yourself.

So, here are 26 cool ways on how to look handsome. Go ahead and try all of these suggestions and your dream date will be just a few steps away. Remember, women love attention and if you can give it to them, they will start noticing you.


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