I Still Love My Ex…


There I said it. I love him. Despite the empty promises and the forgotten birthdays, I still love him. Despite the fact that he broke up with me there is still a yearning to get him back.

hearts achesI can pour my heart out and nothing will bring back what we had. I’m a sensible person so I’ve been weighing what we had: it was me always pulling the weight of the relationship. If I wanted to go out, then I had to plan it and force him to come. If there was anything about our future: all my plans. I was dating myself. But still, my hearts aches and my desires are still with him.

To help me cope with moving on I even created another Facebook page. That wiped the slate clean and I don’t have to see any reminders of him. We have no ‘friends’ in common and I don’t have to see his picture pop up when someone is combing through my past photos and decide to click Like.

Yes, I still love him, but the reality of it all has sunk in and I can look past my aching heart and start to see that it was him not me.

Since we’re all in this together – as you stopped by I’m assuming because you have an ex too – share some of your stories of your ex too. We can help each other get through this.


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