Revenge Story: $13,000 Phone Bill


I lived with a guy for about a year. I thought he was a perfect guy. Until I realized he had a sexual addiction. Our sex life was great. We had sex just about every day. I didn’t see anything unusual in this. Well… I always took care of all the bills and kept a log of when the bills came in, when they were due, how much they were and when I paid them. One day going through the log I realized we hadn’t received our phone bill. I asked him about it since the phone was in his name and he said he would call and find out where it was. A week later still no phone bill. He said he called and they were supposed to send out another one. So I started getting suspicious and called myself pretending to be his wife and asked about the bill. The customer service rep said that the phone bill had already been paid. I told her I couldn’t find the bill and needed it for tax purposes and asked if she would send again.


phone callHe got to the mail before I could, but I saw that it was in his work bag. My friend was over so I told her I would distract him and I asked her to get the bill out of the bag and write down the numbers and put it back. Needless to say it was alot of sex line calls. I confronted him and told him that if he needed someone to talk dirty to him to give me a tape recorder and I could do that for free LOL. He said he was sorry and that it would never happen again. He worked nights and about 2 days later he got off work at 6am and went in the bathroom to take a shower. Just then the phone rang. It was a girl asking for him (She sounded very surprised that I answered) I asked who it was and she said a friend. So I went and got him before he got in the shower and told him there was a phone call for him. He asked who it was and I told him what she said. He picked up the phone and said. “Hello.. Hello” then hung up. He said no one was on the line. And went and got in the shower. A few minutes later the phone rang again and it was her. She asked me if I was his wife. I said no, but that I was his girlfriend and we had been living together for about a year. She was irate. She said that he told her he was single but was suspicious when he wouldn’t give her his phone number, so she called information and got it. How stupid of him to have the number listed. After talking to her for a few minutes he got out of the shower I asked her to hold on a minute and put the phone down behind some books and in my sweetest loving voice I asked him to join me in the kitchen. When he sat down I reached over and picked up the phone and asked. “So when was the last time you were with my boyfriend?” His jaw just dropped. He knew he couldn’t get out of it. He just stormed off. At that very moment I started plotting revenge. Him being the way he was, always thought he could buy his way out of his problems. So later that evening he said that I needed a new car and that we were going to go get one the next day.


My friend stayed the night with us and since she wasn’t a morning person was left to sleep while we went and got a new car (which he paid for in cash). When we got back my friend said that the girl had called again and was supposed to call back. Just then the phone rang, it was her. I pretended it was someone else and told her that we were getting ready to go to the mall because he thought I should get a new wardrobe along with my new car. She said she would meet us there. As we were walking up to the mall she came up and told him that she wanted her pictures of her and her kids back. He tried to act like he didn’t know her. I grabbed his wallet out of his pocket, went thru it and handed her back her pictures. He was furious. He threw $500 at me and told me he would wait in the truck. I had no reason to be mad at her because she obviously didn’t know about me, so I took her shopping with me and even bought her a new pair of shoes with his money. The night after he went to work. My friends and I went to an adult bookstore and bought an all male gay magazine. We went through it and found a sex line number. We called, and of course, a gay guy answered. I told him that no we didn’t want to talk to him but I was just going to lay the phone down and I would hang up when I was finished. 8 hours later when I was done packing all of my stuff (and putting it in my new car) I returned to the phone and thanked the gentleman for his time. He laughed and said you’re welcome. The phone bill came up to over $13,000!


barI took the magazine and put it in the nightstand on my side of the bed because I knew he would never open it. New girlfriends are very nosy and I knew it would be found. About a month later I was at the bar he and I frequented when we were together and several girls came up to me and asked if he was really gay. I asked how they found out and they said a friend found a gay mag in his nightstand. It took all I had not to laugh and with a straight face I said “Why did you think we broke up” and walked away. The rumor went around and got so bad that he had to move out of town.

Wow! Now that was very calculated revenge. Do you have a revenge story on your ex boyfriend? Or, a story about your ex? Do share.

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