9 Quiet Signs She’s Waiting for You to Make a Bold Move


Women have always been creatures of mystery. Since the dawn of time, men have been trying to figure them out. Men have always been attempting to win the ladies over and seal the deal. Some men have definitely caught on to something when they figured out that women like to be flattered and flirted with. It turns out, the cavemen were doing it wrong all those years ago by dragging cavewomen into their caves, whether they liked it or not.

The knights and ladies of the medieval times found a good rapport. Women like attention from bold, confident men. They seemed to find a good mixture of romance, intrigue, and raw sex appeal.

What has taken centuries for men to figure out is when to give women that attention, and when to really be bold in making a move. It seems like just when a guy thinks he’s found the right time, he is often faced with an awkward rejection or a big misunderstanding.

Knowing those subtle signs that a woman sends when she’s ready for a guy to take it to the next level can mean the difference between that awkward loneliness and blissful love. Here are some of those quiet cues every guy should look for before taking flirtation to the next level.

1. She Accepts Your Flirtation

This sign is the most obvious of all. If you try any type of flirting and she doesn’t run away, this is the green light to begin the dating dance. Here are a few examples of women who are open to flirtation.

  • You make eye contact with a girl a few times and she doesn’t immediately look away.
  • You introduce yourself and she introduces herself back and sparks a conversation.
  • You start dancing with a girl and she continues to dance with you for a few songs without any indication of finding a new dance partner.
  • You initiate a conversation and she keeps talking with you for longer than 10 minutes.
  • She reciprocates your flirtatious talk or touch.

The basic idea here is that a girl usually has a lot of choices for partners in the dating scene. If she invests any time whatsoever in you and shows you some attention back, she is more than likely willing to test the waters. She wants to see if there is any chemistry between the two of you. If she is accepting of your basic flirting, then you have the go ahead to take it to another level.

2. She Acts Warm and Inviting Towards You

Every woman knows exactly how to shut a man down. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a woman will spend time with you just to be nice. Most women will find a way to get away from you sooner rather than later if they aren’t interested. If she wants to stay with you, here’s what she’ll do:

  • Laugh at your jokes and joke back.
  • Have a relaxed and open body language.
  • Ask you questions and make comments to you.
  • Focus on you, not on other people, or the door.

It’s pretty straightforward: if she seems like she’s acting cold and distant, she is. She’s not interested in you and she’s shutting you down. But, if her personality is warm and nice around you, she’s interested. If her words and body language are inviting, then feel free to make your next move.

In addition, make sure that your body language is also sending out the right messages to her. Here’s a guide that women reads to find out about you! Do them.

3. She Initiates Contact

This one seems obvious in theory, but in practice, many men miss this easy sign. If the girl is the one to initiate contact with you, she is already interested and should be open to a move on your part. Here’re some things she’ll do to show you she’s interested in you moving things forward:

  • She comes up to you in a crowd, starts talking or asking questions, and introduces herself.
  • She offers you her number.
  • She suggests that you two hang out together.
  • She tells you about a restaurant she wants to try or a show she wants to see.

If she does any of these things, it’s her telling you that she’s interested in a future interaction. Don’t think that because she initiated the interaction that she’s going to initiate everything. Most women are confident enough to pick you out of a crowd if they find you attractive, but they still want you to vote on them. If she makes the first move, make sure you don’t delay in making the next move.

4. She Makes Eye Contact

Eye contact is a basic human way of making a connection with someone. It’s the easiest way to show interest or disinterest. Brief eye contact is a part of normal life, though, and it’s important to be able to tell when eye contact means more. Here’re some eye contact clues:

  • Her gaze stays on yours for 20 seconds or longer.
  • She makes extended eye contact more than a couple of times.
  • Her direct eye contact occurs along with acknowledgement, such as nodding or smiling.

If she uses her eyes as described above, then she is comfortable looking at you, and she definitely likes you looking at her. This sort of gazing is so much more than normal looking. Her eye contact says that she is definitely into you and is ready for you to do more.

5. She Seems Comfortable Around You

How a girl carries herself says a lot. If she seems stiff and cautious, that’s a good indication that she’s uncomfortable in her current situation. If she’s relaxed and carefree when she’s around you, that’s a sure sign that she’s sweet on you. Here’s how to tell if she’s relaxed around you:

  • She makes herself comfortable in her seat, for example, tucking her legs under her on a couch.
  • She has her body oriented toward you, not away.
  • She isn’t hiding behind her drink or her phone.
  • Her arms and hands are relaxed and casual.
  • Her smiles and laughter are genuine and not forced.

If she’s acting relaxed, that means that she’s not afraid of being around you. She doesn’t think you’re a creep, and in fact, she wants to find out more about you. If she shows signs of being comfortable, be ready to suggest your next move.

6. She Isn’t Afraid of Touching You

Plain and simple, a girl won’t touch something she doesn’t like. Whether it’s a spider or a creepy guy, she’s not going to lay her hands on him if she doesn’t like and trust him. Women have an arsenal of touch techniques to send a signal to you, and here’s just a few:

  • Touching your hand during conversations.
  • Grabbing your arm or shoulder.
  • Stroking your face or hair.

The more intimate the spot she touches, the more into you she is. If she touches your hand or arm, that’s good, but if she touches your lower back or thigh, that’s really good. Reciprocate any touching she does and if she accepts it, then it’s time to make your next move.

7. She Keeps Brushing Up Against You

BrushingThis sign is a louder sign than touching you with her hands. To use her fingers to touch is one thing, but to use her body is another. If she brushes up against you and invades your personal space, she’s trying to remind you that she’s there and ready for more. Brushing up against you could happen in a number of ways, including:

  • Brushing up against you when walking by, even if she’s got plenty of room.
  • Reaching over you to grab something without avoiding body contact.
  • Pressing against you extra hard during a hug.

A big bonus sign: she brushes up against you with her breasts. You are aware of her body, particularly her curves, and she knows that. She’ll use that fact to help send you a message.

There’s a chance that she could brush up against you accidentally and just be too afraid to address it, but if she brushes up against you more than twice in a short time, makes eye contact while brushing up against you, or makes a comment about brushing up against you, then you can know with certainty that it was on purpose and it’s time for your next move.

8. She Stays in Communication With You

This sign is more long-term oriented. Some signs might focus on moving up within the night, but this sign is looking toward a future relationship. If you have been taking it slow for the first stretch of your relationship, but are wondering if she’s ready to move forward, see if she keeps in communication with you. If she’s making constant contact, it means that her interest in you is going strong. Here’s how that communication might look:

  • Texting or callingTexting or calling you at late or early hours.
  • Calling you to hang out at the last minute.
  • Keeping up with you on social media.

The reason for her constant contact is because she is thinking about you. She keeps contacting you because she wants you to know that you are on her mind. She is probably pondering your future, and she could thinking about a more serious relationship. She is most likely quite ready for the next level.

9. She’s Okay Being Alone With You

This sign is an important one. She won’t put herself in an awkward solo setting that she doesn’t want to be in. If she’s willing to be alone with you, it shows that she’s truly interested in the next level of intimacy. Here are some promising one-on-one situations:

  • She asks you to walk her to her car.
  • She tells you when she’ll be free later and makes plans for the two of you to meet up.
  • She stays behind with you when her friends leave the venue.
  • She asks about going to your place or invites you to her place.

This sign is important, because missing it could mean missing out on dating her. This sign says loud and clear that she’s into you, she’s comfortable being around you, and she wants more from you.

If you neglect to act, she might think that you aren’t interested in her, and she may not pursue it any further. She might also think that you lack confidence, which is a major turn off. Be sure to pay attention to this clear green light that signals she wants you to race to the next phase.

Not All Signs are Foolproof

DatingDating isn’t a science. Just when you think you’ve figured out the game, it changes. And since dating and women can be unpredictable, these signs aren’t the definitive word for making a bold move. Some or all of these signs may never happen, but she’s still into you.

Like dating and confidence consultant Nick Notas remarks, there’s only one way to know for sure that she’s ready, and that’s to make the next move. The best case scenario is that she accepts it and you level up. The worst case scenario is that she gets turned off and you turn it into a practice round.

When you are ready to make your next bold move, look for these quiet signs that she’s ready. Using these signs can help take out some of the risk involved in dating. But, don’t take out all the risk. That’s what keeps dating exciting.


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