The Top 12 Strangest Hair and Skin Products of All Time


Your hair is your crowning glory and your skin is your grand facade. The two should always go together if you want to be beautiful on the outside. That is why there have been thousands of hair and skin products that have hit the market for many, many years now, and they still keep on coming.

hair and skin in great shapeWhat do you really need to do to keep your hair and skin healthy? Actually, there are only a few things: healthy nutrients, vitamins and beauty routines can keep your hair and skin in great shape. As for the manufacturers who make these hair and skin care products, the ingredients are all the same.

So what can they do to make sure they get your attention to buy their products? They add “special” ingredients, of course. Special ingredients that are so strange, it spikes your interest immediately. Because these ingredients are not something you see all the time, you believe that it does what it says it would and you get tempted to try it out. Nothing could really go wrong unless something actually does. Here are 12 of the strangest hair and skin products of all time.

1. Baby Foreskin Anti-Aging Face Cream

Face CreamWhen a baby boy gets circumcised, where does the foreskin go? Some people think it’s kind of a waste of resources to toss it down the sink.

This is why they collected these foreskins and wound them up into something that consumers would still find usable. The best way they thought it could be usable is through anti-aging.

That’s right. Baby foreskins are made into anti-aging face creams. If you have a baby boy, you have the option to have his foreskin made into an anti aging cream that you can use. Sounds appealing? No, thank you.

Facekini2. Facekini

Going out in the sun and don’t trust your sun screen to give your face enough protection from harmful UV rays? Why don’t you try using a Facekini.

It’s exactly what you think it is. It’s a bikini used to cover your face, instead of your bum. It even comes in different colors.

How about that? You cover your face with these face masks that can also pass as a Halloween costume.

3. Bull Semen Hair Conditioner

Bulls are known to be active in sex, and mating is their forte. Their semen has a healthy protein content that makes reproduction quite easy for them.

With all the protein content, apparently someone thought that it would be good for creating a hair care product. And that’s exactly what they did.

Bull semen is now used as an ingredient for some hair conditioning products. It is said to be good at hair conditioning because of the protein content that can make the hair strong and shiny. Think about it: bull semen on your hair. Now, that’s cringe-worthy.

4. Henna ‘n’ Placenta

The placenta is a home for nine months for your baby when it’s growing in your uterus.

After you give birth, the placenta usually just gets disposed because what else would you need it for, right? Well, who would have thought that placenta can actually be used as a beauty product and added as a hair conditioning ingredient?

That’s right. The Henna ‘n’ Placenta product is used to condition hair and make it more shiny and strong. It restores your hair and makes your crowning glory even more stunning. How about that? That placenta is not so useless post birth, after all.

5. Pubic Hair Coloring

hair coloring productOkay. This is just getting stranger by the minute. Why on earth would you want to color your pubic hair? Well, apparently some people find it a necessity to do so.

Don’t judge. If you want to look pretty for your partner, you got to go all out and look pretty over all.

Some people take that as also making the pubic hair look more stunning, or different. Hence, the pubic hair coloring product which has made its name in the market, believe it or not.

6. Gorilla Snot Hair Gel

Hair gel – it’s an in demand product for male and even females who want to have their hair tucked neatly in place. The selling point of a hair gel is its ability to keep the hair tidy throughout the day.

If your hair gel product works like that, you can have your mark in the market. This is the objective of the people who created Gorilla Snot Hair Gel.

The creators found that nothing can make your hair hard enough and safely in place better than gorilla snot. That’s why they came up with this product. Would you say yes or no? Let’s see, gorilla snot all over your hair. That would be a strong no for most people.

7. Voya’s Seaweed Bath Soap

Ah, bath soap. What can be so bad with bath soap, right? Especially if it promises relaxation and great results for your skin. Well, Voya’s Seaweed Bath Soap is true to both promises. But it does say in its package that dried seaweeds in the product may contain crustaceans, plankton and other small sea creatures that got stuck in the seaweed. You might get a fishy surprise while taking a bath.

8. Go Away Gray

gray hairYou want to stop your hair from turning gray. What could be so bad with that? How do you stop gray hair from multiplying? The best and most common procedure is through hair dye.

Some people go to their regular salon to have their hair “reset” to black.

Well, what if there’s a pill that can do just that for you. You don’t have to go to your salon anymore and wait for your turn. You just need to pop one pill and you are good to go. But hey, it’s a pill and we all know that taking too many pills and medications can be bad for your health.

9. Finale Pink Nipple Cream

womenLadies, you have to agree. All women want to have that perfect body with the perfect colors and the perfect tone.

Having pink nipples is one of them. Pink nipples are just downright sexy for men. They exude an innocent, yet hot aura. You have to admit, you also thought about it at some point.

Well, good news. There’s a cream that can turn your nipples pink just the way you like them. It’s called Finale Pink Nipple Cream. Although, you have to make sure that the pinkness of your nipple matches the tone of your skin, otherwise, it would not look very appealing.

10. Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Mask

Snail slime is said to be good for removing stretch marks, acne and wound scars on your skin, specifically your face. Manufacturers have come up with a less gross product through a snail mask where you can spread the processed snail slime mask or cream on your face and it can work on renewing your skin cells.

Snail goop is actually one of the “secret” ingredients of many facial moisturizers. The next time you see a snail, say a quick thank you to it.

11. Bird Poop Facial Treatment

Ever had a bird take a dump and it landed flat on your face? You probably wanted to kill the bird or yourself at that exact moment, but you should have been happy about it.

Why? Bird poo is an expensive facial treatment in the best spas and in the most expensive facials around the world. This is because of the moisturizing and detoxifying abilities of bird poop.

So the next time a bird takes a dump on your face, you might want to spread that out because spa treatments are a little expensive, and this one is for free. Just bear in mind they dry it out and process it to remove any germs first.


12. Snake Venom Facial Cream

Facial CreamTo what extent will you go to make your face radiant and shiny? For some people, they would go as far as risking their lives for it.

If you think that’s ridiculous, then you haven’t seen or heard about the Snake Venom Facial Cream product yet. Snake venom is said to be rich in antioxidants and it also has a detoxifying effect that can rejuvenate and revitalize your facial skin, giving you a youthful glow.

But snake venom? Really? Think about ingesting just a little amount of it and off to the emergency room you go, if you even reach the emergency room. No, this is just not a good idea, it seems.

Your hair and your skin. Sometimes, you can get too carried away in wanting to make them look perfect, and you end up just messing them up. It’s a common mistake that most people make. The intention is good, but the means can be consequential. So, make sure you are extra careful with the products you use, even if the ingredients it has are new and could “probably” work. If you really want to keep your hair and skin looking great, there is no better way to do it than the natural way.


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