Too Much of a Good Thing: 5 Natural Steps to Smaller Breasts 


Why is it that we always assume bigger means better? Houses, jobs, and cars – the adage seems to apply to everything. However, some women with large breasts may disagree with the claim that bigger is synonymous with better. That’s right; women everywhere are beginning to feel rather blasé about their busty breasts.

boobsWhether a woman naturally sports a full C cup or DD, a gal is sure to be tired of her large boobs at one point or another.

Follow us as we explore why it is that some women wish they had smaller breasts, and ways that you or a loved one can naturally and easily decrease your chest size.

So, Why is it That Big Boobs Are a Bust?

Is the concept of wanting smaller boobs causing you to scratch your head in confusion? For some, it is simply unfathomable that naturally well-endowed women would want to give in and exchange their ta-tas for a more favorable and smaller pair.

After all, aren’t smaller boobed women constantly seeking the help of push up bras and breast augmentation to help make their breasts larger? Is this a case of the typical saying, “The grass is always greener”? Let’s discuss some of the top reasons why large breasts can become annoying:

  • You Just Can’t Wear The Same Tops As Women With Smaller ChestsWomen With Smaller Chests

As biased as it sounds, smaller chested women have more options when it comes to tops. A busty woman can wear the same tops as small chested women, don’t get us wrong.

However, the bustier woman may not be pleased with the way she looks. Some may view her as more lustful than the small chested woman, simply because more of her breasts show.

Because of this, many well-endowed women opt for less revealing tops; but that’s no fun. Who wants to have to shirk away from the sexy, revealing tops, simply to avoid looking trashy?

  • Professional Clothing Becomes Difficult, Too

For one reason or another, the more professionally inclined apparel never seems to be catered to the larger cup-size. Pantsuits in particular become difficult when a larger jacket is needed for a woman’s breasts, when a smaller pant size may be called for. Sure, a custom-fit suit would be ideal, but not everyone has the money for it.

  • They Hurt

That’s right; many women with large boobs claim that they cause them back pain. Think about it. Toting around those large breasts all day has to do some wear and tear to the back muscles. Therefore, having large breasts can sometimes be a pain. Literally.

Women with large breasts can sometimes use them to their advantage. You know, to stow away their phone of course. What did you think we were talking about? But they also claim that they sometimes get in the way.

Laying on your stomach at the beach becomes an annoyance, and seat belts are a daily chore. What seem to be every day, mundane tasks for smaller chested girls can become borderline catastrophic for the well-endowed.

  • They Catch Your Food And A Few Other Unwanted Things

That’s right, many women claim that their cleavage acts as a storage facility for crumbs and such, which is pretty gross. Cleavage also tends to sweat in the summer, and any woman with larger breasts knows the reality of boob sweat. Not only is it uncomfortable, but boob sweat can also lead to chest-acne. Did you even know there was such a thing as chest acne? Well, we bet you larger breasted women knew.

Clearly, larger breasts are not all they are cracked up to be. Therefore, many women are seeking natural yet effective ways to cut down their chest size. Arguably, some women would like to try alternatives before consulting the help of a scalpel, so let’s discuss some of the options to naturally cut down your chest size:

1. Get Fit

Often times, excess weight affects the breast area. While some women would welcome enlarged breasts, it is often a symptom of unwelcomed weight gain. Therefore, any attempt to lose weight usually helps lose some pounds in the chest area.

exerciseTo some women, this loss might be the best natural way to lose some weight. Here are some ideas for how to lose weight in your chest area easily, effectively, and most importantly: naturally.

  • Aerobics: Any exercise that helps burn calories will ultimately help you lose weight. Remember, like we said before, any exercise that helps you lose weight will ultimately help you lose some size in your chest area.

Therefore, running, speed walking, biking, dancing and any other exercises that require you to increase your heart rate will all help you ultimately lessen your breast size.

It is recommended that any exercise exceed 20 minutes, since this is typically how long it takes for any calories to be lost. Also, it is important to remember that exercising before the first meal of the way helps burn fat from the very beginning of the workout.

  • Anaerobic exerciseAnaerobic exercises: While many women grimace at the thought of lifting weights, anaerobic exercises can actually help burn calories and ultimately decrease your chest size.

Push-ups, pull ups, bench presses, dumbbell flies and many more chest area workouts can help to tone the muscle sets underneath your breasts.

Therefore, these exercises will not necessarily decrease your breast size, but it will help to make your chest appear smaller. Experts recommend that you use sets of more than 12, since the more repetitions, the tighter the muscles will become.

So do we recommend it? Absolutely. Exercise will not only help you naturally reduce your bust line, but you will feel also feel great as a result. Nothing beats a healthy happy.

2. Eat Right

Many of us acknowledge that a proper diet can be a wonderful, natural way to weight loss. Therefore, a proper diet can help you reduce your chest size.

If you lower your caloric intake and increase your physical exercise, then you will create a calorie deficit, which ultimately leads to weight loss.

Experts claim that one pound of fat is equivalent to over 3,000 calories. Therefore, if you create a 500d calorie deficit per day, then you will lose approximately one pound per week.

Ultimately, we recommend you alter your diet to become healthier. Not only will this help you reduce your chest size, but it will help you become a new and improved, healthier you.

3. Herbal Breast Reduction Pills

Herbal Breast Reduction PillsWhile our two aforementioned tips are the most popular natural means to a smaller cup size, we have stumbled upon another natural concept in pill form.

There are many different herbal remedies on the market now, and they claim to help you reduce your breast size.

It is important to note that the FDA does not regulate the production of breast reduction pills, so they are not proven to be safe. While many do exist, such as Alexia and Trima, we cannot say for sure if they are an effective means of breast reduction.

Because there is no guarantee of safety or results, we highly encourage you to try our first two listed options before seeking a pill. If you do opt to purchase an herbal supplement to help reduce your breasts, then we adamantly urge you to speak with your doctor before your purchase.

4. Breast Reduction Creams

Another option for breast reduction can be found in the form of creams. Many claim that various creams are clinically proven to help reduce breast size.

Allegedly, the cream provides a more youthful appearance and ultimately decreases the breast size.

However, we cannot help but be hesitant of this form of breast reduction. The FDA has not approved of any breast reduction cream. In addition, there are hardly any raving reviews of any creams.

We would like to imagine that if there were a miracle cream to reduce breast size that it would be publicized all over the place. Therefore, we highly do not recommend this option.

5. The Minimizing Bra

Did you know that you could buy a bra that will help your breasts appear smaller? Sure, it’s not a permanent solution, but it can be a temporary relief for you. For a relatively low price compared to surgery, you can purchase a minimizing bra.

Minimizing BraSo, how does it work? Well, the minimizer bra basically takes your breasts as if they were water balloons and compacts them to squeeze them down and make them appear smaller. While this sounds like it might be painful, it is not. Think of this option as the opposite of a push up bra. Perhaps, a push down bra?

One reason why we love this option is that you can use the bra to help wear those sexy tops, yet still have those busty breasts to enjoy. It’s almost like this option helps you have the best of both worlds, or should we say the best of both boobs?

So, there you have it. We have discussed five different popular methods for breast reduction. However, we do not recommend them all. Exercise and proper diet are the most natural and effective means to help you reduce bust size.

Manufacturers do not guarantee breast pills and creams to work. The purchase of a minimizing bra may help you alleviate the aesthetic-related symptoms you are experiencing while you seek a more permanent solution.

Ultimately, we hope that you love the skin you are in. But, if you choose to reduce your breasts in any way, then we hope that you consider one of our more natural options before seeking the help of the scalpel.

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