17 Shocking Truths About What Men Want From Love and Romance


When the male population is involved, women always think that love and romance are the farthest things from their minds. Contrary to this belief, males have a great capacity for affection, although they may not let that on most of the time. While some men may not realize it yet, they are looking for more than just sex in a serious relationship, especially a committed one.

To make a relationship work, it’s important not just to focus on what ladies want, it’s also vital to know what men want. The male population has been on the receiving end of too many preconceived notions painting them as cruel and callous. While men may show an icy front, they want the mushy stuff too at least to some extent.

Here are 17 things that males want from a relationship and why it matters to them.

1. Laughter: Men Want Someone with a Sense of Humor

funnyBy nature, men are naughty and mischievous. Little boys pull on girls’ ponytails and taunt everyone, and this doesn’t change even if they grow up, although they have a more mature way of pulling these stunts. Men usually have an easygoing nature and even if they are in a serious relationship, the desire for someone who can be their partner in crime does not change.

This is one of the reasons why women who possess a good sense of humor make great partners – they can laugh things off and are more likely to be optimistic. People who are capable of seeing something funny even in bleak circumstances are more forgiving when it comes to small transgressions. Plus, if you can trade funny jokes with each other, dates would definitely be more exciting.

In fact, in one study, men ranked sense of humor on top of the list followed by playfulness and fun. More often than not, these three qualities come together and they are just the things that could add more giggles and ha-has in any relationship.

2. Respect: Males Look for Mates with a Good Idea of How to Respect Themselves and Others

Respect is one of the basic things that every person should extend to the people around him. Of course, it is also vital to have self-respect. But when it comes to relationships, men want their partner to respect them and their decisions.

supporting himFor men, having their partner’s respect is as important as having their love. If you are constantly questioning his decisions or you try to make changes to his plans, your partner may see this as a means of disrespect. When you are not supporting him in his endeavors, it may be hard for him to develop a real connection to you.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to give a man everything he wants but you need to show a sense of respect for his decisions. This is one way to show he has your approval. Unless you allow him to be his own man, he might not feel a real connection to you.

3. Praise: Reassurance is the Building Block of a Strong Relationship

Men may be the stronger sex but it doesn’t mean that they don’t need a cheering squad. Men almost always have huge egos and they need to hear good things about themselves once in a while. Even if a man knows how great he is, it would sound and feel a hundred times better when he hears it from the most important person in his life.

If women want to hear words of love and romance, men want to know that they are doing something right. The best way to do that is to reassure them through praises. Genuine words of approval and appreciation are what men want to hear from you.

Men want to feel appreciated and telling them is the best way to do it. Praises are not just for the things he does in his career or in the house, be sure to make him know the things you appreciate in bed too. Don’t feel embarrassed about telling him about the features you like best or the gestures you appreciate, doing this will make him love you more.

4. What Men Want in Romance: Stimulating Conversations

head on your shouldersTalking may seem to be a woman’s forte but it’s not just about your ability to chat, it’s also about the head on your shoulders. Men like women who can keep up with their conversation. Even if the two of you have different interests, it’s not impossible to talk about things that matter and this is important to a man.

Men want women that they can talk to about the things that they like. Whether it is about the latest news, a certain movie or show, or their favorite sports team, what men want to hear from their women is a genuine and insightful opinion on the subject. This just means that men want to be with witty women.

Nothing can make up for good conversation, even a beautiful face. Men want someone that they can debate with – a person that they can spend all day chatting about anything under the sun. If you are in a romantic relationship with someone, you will spend numerous hours in each other’s company and although there are exciting things that you can do together, the conversation is still important.

5. Trust: Women Who are Willing to Put Their Gambling Chips on Their Man

This is the 21st century and after pushing for equality on all fronts, there’s no denying that women are getting more perks now than they did centuries back. Of course, there are still differences between the genders but modern women can strive to have the same benefits that their male counterparts have, that are if they have the confidence. This is what men want in a woman and in a relationship in general.

confidentMen find confident women more appealing than women with low self-esteem. It’s difficult to be with someone whom a man needs to reassure all the time. Women who have an inferiority complex tend to have irrational streaks of jealousy and they become clingy. In some instances, these women are willing to let go of the relationship if things become too difficult for them to handle.

Of course, women who are not confident could still improve but men find it hard to bear a relationship when their partner continually doubts them. Relationships like this can be destructive and it tends to wear down both parties. If this is the case, men may want to let go of the woman they love before it could destroy them altogether.

6. Passion: Men Want a Woman Who is Willing to Embrace Her Sexuality

Men want sex especially so when they are in a relationship. To men, sex is a means of communication although most women will not agree to this. This doesn’t mean that men want sex all the time but to them, sex is a vital part of the relationship.

Most men complain that their partners are always making excuses not to have sex. This makes them feel unwanted because they are always the one who initiates for sex. In fact, this issue is one of the most common among married couples.

Why is sex such an issue? It’s more common for men to have higher sex drive compared to women and it can’t be denied that men see physical contact as an integral part of the relationship. If their partner is unable to give them the connection that they are craving for, sexually, they feel that there is lacking in the relationship.

Based on a study, more men die in the arms of their partners than women because they tend to trade up for younger women. One of the reasons for this behavior is the desire for sexual contact. Many women lose their interest in sex during menopause, and if women can’t give what men want in bed, this could be the beginning of several issues in the relationship. However, it’s not just about what men want sexually, it’s also about the need to feel that their partner wants them in a physical sense.

sexual contactA lot of men complain that they are always the one initiating sex. This problem is so common that men constantly air their issues on various forums. While some women have low libido and they don’t find sex too stimulating, it pays to make an effort to meet a guy’s need for physical contact.

Taking libido pills like Provestra or Vigorelle may be an option. However, it is important to ask for the professional opinion of your doctor before trying out any of these pills especially for those who have certain health conditions.

7. Humility: A Women Who Accepts Her Own Mistakes is Attractive

Problems will happen irrespective of your feelings for your partner or the length of time that you have been with another person. In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to play the blaming game. If you are the kind of person who always blames the fault on your man, you might be finding yourself in a turbulent relationship all of the time.

Among the biggest issues in couples is their inability to acknowledge that they are at fault. When this happens all the time, your partner might be fed up of always apologizing to keep the peace. Also, his makes any relationship toxic.

8. What Men Want in a Woman: Feeling Wanted for Who They Are

People enter relationships for difference reasons. Some find stability in being with another person, others find companionship. However, if you want a romantic relationship, no matter what your motives are, you want to feel wanted. This is not just true in women; this is also true for men.

love themMen want women who are not just after their money and the things that they can give. They are looking for someone who would truly see them and love them in spite of all their flaws.

What a man wants may be a partner who is willing to have sex but that is not enough. He also needs someone who desires him for sex and as a partner. It would be destructive to be in a one-sided love affair where he is the only one who wants you. A man would often try to cut ties no matter how hard it could be if they constantly feel that a relationship is chipping off their person bit by bit.

9. Adventure: Spontaneity is One Thing That Keeps a Relationship Alive

Men love to play and even if they are in a relationship, they don’t want to give up the things that they love. Hence, it’s important for them to find someone who will share the things that they like. Of course, they can always call on their buddies for a bit of adventure but it would be nice to do it with the girl they love to.

Doing activities together whether it’s a game of golf or paragliding would be more enjoyable. Plus, couples who go on adventures together are more likely to stay longer in a relationship than those who don’t. This also allows a couple to learn more about each other as they grow together.

10. Freedom: Men Need Time With the Boys

time with the guysYour man wants to be with you and he loves you, don’t doubt that especially if you are in a committed relationship. However, this does not change the fact that he needs time with his buddies too. Allowing him to have some time away messing around with the boys would be great, of course, within reason.

Men often feel that their girl is depriving them of time with the guys and they don’t have issues with allowing their girl to go out with their girlfriends. Hence, it’s important for guys to be with someone who understands the need to have some time with their gang.

11. Honesty: Someone Who Calls a Duck a Duck

When men give their heart to a relationship, they want to know where they stand. What men really want is a woman who can tell him about her feelings and won’t keep him in the dark.

There will be issues and misunderstandings in a relationship but the last thing men want is to see their partner cheating because of it. Of course, there will be different cases and issues related to infidelity but honesty is as important to men as it is for women.

12. Space: Why Men Want Their “Me” Time

In a relationship, women are almost always, the ones who are clingy. It’s not unusual to hear men complain that they fought with their girlfriend because they were not able to answer a call. Some women won’t forgive their man for not answering a text message right away.

phoneTo some, these may seem to be a flattering sign and a testament that their woman cares a lot about them. However, it would not always be that way. Men can get fed up with issues such as this. Trying to pacify a woman because they weren’t able to get to their phone in time because they were in the shower or were dozing off is just too much.

It’s also important to allow a man to have enough freedom. Checking in with you is enough although it would be an entirely different story if you already have brewing trust issues.

13. Understanding: The Right to Be Forgiven

Men make mistakes and they know that they won’t be able to get away with all of those mistakes. However, they want their woman to forgive them for those little things. Men know missing a birthday or an anniversary is a huge transgression, but smaller things, like not noticing a new haircut should be forgivable.

These may seem too small but it also says a lot about how a woman can handle bigger issues such as infidelity. What men want in a relationship is someone who knows their flaws but who is willing to accept them despite all of that. Getting a second shot to make things right is an option for some although it may not be applicable in all circumstances.

14. Emotional Intimacy: A Woman Who Can Handle Them at Their Worst

someone to talk toWhat men want in a movie or in a television series often shows a thirst for money and power. While this can be true, there are some things that matter more to men but they won’t care to admit it. Men want someone that they can pour their emotions to without being judged. Men rarely share how they feel but when they do they want that person to be mature enough to handle the situation.

Men show a solid front in the face of their adversaries but they feel drained at the end of the day. Sometimes, they just need someone to talk to and complain about this and that. They need this as much as women do and for that reason, they are looking for a woman who understands that.

15. Care: Men Can’t Get Enough of Being Pampered

He may call you his princess but he wants to be king too. At least, most men do. They want to feel cared for and there’s no better way to show that than through your actions.

Getting him tickets to a big game or giving him a massage after a hard day at work are great ways to do it. Giving him a royal treatment once in a while makes him feel special and it makes him remember why he loves you, not that he would need any reminding.

16. Security: Men Want a Relationship That Lasts

Womenfolk may think that they are the only ones who desire to keep a relationship going but men crave for the same thing. It’s not just about staying in the relationship that he is worried about. He wants to know that you are as invested in it as he is.

Men feel secured when you do things that make him see how important he is to you. Trusting him, supporting his decisions, initiating physical contact –all of this make him feel that you are there with him.

17. Love: He Wants Your Heart to Beat Only for Him

make him know you love himHave you told him you loved him? Men want to hear words of love too although women are often the ones who want their man to say it more. It’s not just saying those words that will make him know you love him, sending flirty messages and NSFW pictures could also do the trick. After all, men feel that you love them when you want them.

What men need and what he wants often come together. Are you curious on what men find attractive in women? It’s not about your looks but your personality. The truth is -men’s expectations and cravings are just as sentimental as women’s.

If you want to keep your man, you need to make him realize that he matters to you. What men want are just the same things that women do although they may not be too vocal about it. Appearances, looks, and other physical traits fade into the background when a man meets someone who can keep up with him and support his craving for physical and emotional intimacy.


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